Beaded Hairpins Tutorial {Guest post by Elven Maiden}

I'm a creative person. That's me. Whenever I show my crafts to my friends they say, "Wow! You're such a creative person! I wish I could do that." They can they just don't. Everyone can be creative, and I'm going to prove it to you! I'm going to teach you how to make easy and beautiful beaded hairpins!

Beaded Hairpins Tutorial:


Beading wire
Beads. You can seriously use pretty much any beads you want. I used five glass crystals, but use what you want.
Bobby pin.

Step One:
Take the wire and coil it around the end of the bobby pin. (with the end of the wire, you can trim it then push it down)

Step Two:
String a bead onto the wire.

Step Three:
Take the wire and put it between the two sides of the bobby pin. Then pull tight. (You may have push the bead where you want it, if it moves)
Step Four:
Repeat Step Three until desired number of beads are on bobby pin.
Step Five: 
Once desired number of beads are on the bobby pin, take the end of the wire and coil it around one side of the bobby pin. Cut of any excess wire.

Step Six: 
Run around shoving your creation in everyone's faces while screaming "LOOKIE! I MADE THAT!" ;)

About the author:

I'm an adventure-seeking Catholic girl. I'm also a bookworm, a crafter, and a writer (Someday, I shall have a book published!). In some realms I may be known as Elven Maiden, in others Mollie, but to most I am Mary Grace, an adventure-seeking maiden for Christ. Want to see more of my writing? Check out my blog,  Blissful Art.


  1. Very pretty! Love this tutorial and will be trying to make these soon!! :)

  2. Cool! I love how sparkly they look. I have a ton of bobby pins so I'll have to do that sometime :)

  3. Those are really pretty! I'm so going to have to try making them sometime.


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