i will run until there is no breath left within me. i will hide in every corner, crook and crevice until you grow weary. the point is, i don't want to go. please don't make me go.

I am home. I left camp today...spoke with my dad and sister for half and hour, and napped for the rest of the time. And for the record, this ^^ is the longest post title I've ever made. Atleast, I'm pretty sure it is. But then again, I'm not sure of anything right now.
I am home. I left camp today...spoke with my dad and sister for half an hour, and napped for the rest of the time. I feel so drained. Like someone has taken all my energy and wrung it out like a sponge. And though the sponge may have gone back to the shape it was before, it is empty. The water that it's absorbed has been taken away, and the people who don't this think the sponge is full of life. But it's not.
This year's theme at camp was "The New You", and let me tell you. I will never. EVER. Be the same. Unfortunately for me, my dad wouldn't let me bring the camera *DARN IT* but I took alot of mental snapshots...that I may or may not describe to you. But for those of you whose email I have....hehe...let's just say you're special. And for the record, this post was begun yesterday, but I was kicked off of the computer due to: "over-tired-ness". So now, after crying because I missed all of my friends (yes, not just my camp buddies, but all of YOU guys, too :D) I am refreshed (kinda) and ready for the next three weeks at home, since I'm going to camp again the first week of August. Who wants to guest post?
The process of getting to camp? Well, it starts with leaving my hometown..(which is rather large, actually) and then the cars start to disappear and so do the restaurants...and then there are more cows than people, and an occasional 1960's gas station along the way. Now, if anyone was in there right mind at the time, they'd be thinking "Oh good grief, they're going to kill me. There's NO WAY we'd drive all the way out here for waterslides and go carts and junk food." There's where you're wrong.
This camp is the place where your life will be changed. You'll never be the same ever again. Now, this is my fourth time interning (yes, fourth, I know it's crazy) and my 14th time at camp in all. But this time I made more friends than ever...and I'm going to remember them all for the rest of my life.
Now, I saw my bestie Bleah again...oh yes, you know Bleah. You know, the one who blogs at The Daydreamer's Reverie? Previously named ~With Love and Kisses~? Yeah, I saw Bleah again. She's so awesome. And incredibly witty, like her soul mate Adam Young. And if you didn't know he was her soul mate...hehe...you know now! Anyway, I saw Bleah again, and with her were Megan, Cara and Amy. And I LOVE Cara. She's the cutest thing ever. She's so pink and organized! Lucky. I wish I was organized like that. But, I have a contradicting personality, so that's not going to happen. I met so many people at camp that I wish I could tell you about all of them, but it would take up all of this blog, so I'm going to just name a few and tell why I love them so much:

  1. Asya. {why?} Because she gets hyper on energy drinks, and she has the coolest name ever. 
  2. Andrew. {why?} Because he's just adorable. And has some pretty cool hair, and got me saying "girl, whatcho digits are?" (Let me know if you get it :P)
  3. Robert. {why?} He's so cute! He just turned 12 and has the prettiest blue eyes. I call him "Robbie", lol.
  4. Jordan. {why?} She looks like Taylor Swift, and just happens to sing and play guitar. 'Nuff said.
  5. Ryan. {why?} He has this really funny looking wink. You'd have to see it. And he can't dance. And he smells really good. And he's just adorable.
  6. Collin. {why?} He's Ryan's big brother for one thing, and he smells GOOD. Like...if God had his own brand of cologne, that's the cologne that Collin wears. And Collin has a winking problem/thingy. He means to blink but it just comes out a wink. Wow. I didn't mean for that to rhyme. Anyway...yeah. 
  7. Hope. {why?} Honestly, I can't really tell you why, but I nicknamed her "Bible Study". Inside joke. Only Bleah, David, Andrew and I know. 
  8. Victoria. {why?} She's really tall. She still has cute shoes. She's funny and absolutely gorgeous. Yeah..
Ryan was also kinda mean because I kept telling him "Hey, Ryan! You should like *totally* buy me ice cream." And then he claimed he had no more money. *5min. later...* Ryan shows up with a double scoop of cookies and cream. But Collin was sweet because he let me use his phone...and I kinda checked my email...and I kinda read some of y'all's guest posts....and I want to thank each and every guest poster for guest posting. And wasn't Mary's just LEGEND!?!? So cool. I love her so much. And I'm going to welcome myself back with this:
I wannabe here:
Doing this:
Yes I want to be eating this piece of cake while tying these striped sandals onto a hanger, WHAT ABOUT IT? 


  1. Cool!!! I'm glad you're back. I'd love to guest post in August, if you'll have me :)

  2. So happy you're back! BTW, Your guest posters were awesome.:)

  3. Hey Jocee, so glad to have you back! :) I missed you! And nice to hear all about your camp moments and friends!

  4. Oh yes, make it an activity. I was tempted to do one today!

  5. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH, JOCEE!! gah, the blogging world was not the same without you :'(

    i just died of laughter when i read Mary's post. she almost nailed you ;) haha... yeah, i think you should make the "WANNABE HERE, DOING THIS, WHAT ABOUT IT'S" thing a blogger activity.... i just might do one too ;)

    well, glad you had fun at camp! i am so jelous that you got to meet Bleah ... not.fair... ;)


    (p.s. you're right, CAPITAL LETTERS DO LOOK LOUD... and i'd love to guest post for ya, if you want :) )

  6. Camp sounds like it was fun!! But I'm really glad you're back! :)

  7. Also, I was wondering if you'd be interested in guest posting for me next week... I'll be gone at camp myself! :D If you're interested, just drop me a comment on my blog with your email (I won't publish it!) and we'll plan what day you can post and such! :)

    P.S. You don't have to publish this comment... :)

  8. AWWWWW!!! I love you too, hun!<3 <3 I'm so glad your back...I missed you soo much! *hugs*
    Oh and about the winking brothers, so creepy... 'cause I know some twin brothers who do the exact same thing! I always thought they were flirting but realized it was just the way they blinked. haha!
    Oh and *anakin voice* you need to email me *darth vader voice* NOW! heh heh

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderfull time.
    I would love to guest post for you!?

  10. I'd love to do it again and I want you to do it for me.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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