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I was so happy to be able to post on the Cupcake Dictionary that I hadn't been thinking what to post about. Finally come this morning I log on and sit while my cursor blinks just about a million times before I decide to call my thoughtfulness summer post pretty much, "the-nothing-at-all-my-brain-is-turning-to-mush-this-summer-so-just-deal-with-it" blog post. But seriously when you think about it doing "nothing" is what you do during the summer!
So technically doing nothing is relaxing, and I for one enjoy relaxing! If you read Jocee's post about the curious case of um.. this is what I do I post about why summer is boredom and why I can't think of anything right now and realize I am rambling! (wow....just wow..) Like when you're on the phone and somebody asks what your doing, you pretty much ALWAYS say nothing! Why? I dunno, ask a school counselor or something!?!?!?
But things I like doing during "the nothing time period" (a.k.a summer) are smoothies, laying on the beach, playing with my puppy, reading, swimming, and pretty much anything I can't fit in during the school year! Anyways, Be sure to read my bio below and thanks for reading my guest post! I hope you dealt with my no brain use at all nicely! Please check out my blog and have an AWESOME summer! Thanks!

About the Author:
Hi my name is Stephanie, the author of Steph's Blog. I am a quirky individual who has a strange obsession with Taylor Swift, so much that I would like you to picture me as this in the picture:
Kinda sad, I know, but at least my role model is normal and a good person! Once again Please check out my blog, and Thank you soooooo much Jocee for having me as a guest poster! I hope you liked my post!

{If you're looking down here, this is Jocee typing. I bet all y'all lovelies are wondering why a random person just posted on my blog. No, she didn't hack it. That would be kind of awkward. The reason is, she had asked to guest post on my blog about a month ago when I was about to go to camp, but she didn't respond in time and I had already left town. So, when I got back, I emailed her and told her that she could do a totally random and uncalled for post on my blog. Awesome, right? Everyone deserves a second chance, don'tcha think? I think so. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this guest post, and go check out Steph's blog and follow!! Bya', lovelies :{]}
{pee ess: I have failed as a blogger for posting this late. Repeatedly. I apologize.}

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sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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