the answer to the question {part 1}

Y'all remember last week {eight days to be exact} when I presented the Q&A? Well, you submitted the questions and I'll provide the answers. Yay!! So let's get on with it:
{Shelley}Okay, if you could have anything in the world be named after you, what would it be? Um, that's a hard one. This answer will sound very simple and quite surprising, I would have to say an avenue. A street. But not just anywhere. Somewhere special, maybe where Mr. Darcy lives, or the Bennett's or maybe in a place that resembles the Hobbit's Shire. Somewhere very secluded and serene. Would you rather have the knowledge of a dictionary, or the sweetness of a cupcake? Well, since I have the sweetness of a cupcake already {or atleast I hope so, anyway, no one's perfect :P} I would say the knowledge of a dictionary. I want to be really, really smart. If you could change one thing about Narnia, what would you make different? :) Definitely in The Last Battle that the Pevensies didn't have to die. If I could pick two, I'd say that Susan didn't lose her faith in Narnia. 
{Arianna Marie}Why do you love vintage stuff so much? (I love it too :)) To be honest, Arianna, I don't know. I think it's because it's a whole different object from the rest of the world. It seems really whimsical and it's the complete opposite of fashion today. To think, vintage was once not vintage at all. It was the norm! But that's also what makes it so special :) What kind of camera do you use? I use a Nikon CoolPix S3100 and it happens to be purple. I loved it, until I broke it. Don't ask :P What is your favorite kind of cupcake (toppings and all!)? Hmm. I'd have to say strawberry, with cream cheese icing and assorted sprinkles. I also love rainbow confetti, red velvet, and vanilla :)) 
{dezzy louise}What is it about your vintage addiction? Like I told Arianna, it's so different but it's so beautiful and mystical. It's like a part of me that has been missing, but I've finally found it. What about your wedding with Peter Pevensie/William Moseley? It's going to be held in the Grand Hall at Cair Paravel, the same hall the Pevensies were crowned kings and queens in. Mr. Tumnus will be the ring bearer, Lucy my Maid of Honor, and Susan my bridesmaid and Edmund will be Peter's best man. Aslan will be conducting the ceremony and when the reception has finished Peter and I will take a stroll on the beach. What's your five kid's names? I've been doing alot of naming and renaming of this one: Jennette Michelle Arianna, Olivia Renee Isabella, Hayden Douglas, Christian Anthony, Hadley Serena. It's not quite final, but it's a start :) What are your plans on the library your going to have someday? The entrance is going to be a wardrobe like the one used in the Narnia movies, and it the shelves will be dusted with snow and there will be a lamppost, and a section of the library will be located outdoors. There will be a swinging bench on my porch and a one-way mirror where I can see them but they can't see me. And of course a selection of my favorite classical music and movie soundtracks playing the whole time! what are a few of your favorite blogs??? Hmm.. Where Love Abounds {Bleah's blog}, The Inglenook {Abbey's blog}, Through the Looking Glass, and of course Sharing Endless L'amour {your lovely blog :D}, Beauty Like A Kaliedoscope {Katie's blog} , and Lollipops & Cupcakes {Gracie's blog}. 
{Amanda}What was your wedding with Peter/Will like? My crown is similar to his, and there was a portrait of Peter and I unveiled {everyone adored it} and that cake was good. Man, it was good. What are the names of your five kids? Jennette Michelle Arianna, Olivia Renee Isabella, Hayden Douglas, Christian Anthony, Hadley Serena. What kind of books will you have in your library? You better have the CoN, or I will be sad. ;) All the Ted Dekker books, Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, and of course C.S. Lewis :) 
{hayley}how in the world did you get a picture inside the text? it looks amazing. There was a tutorial on Qui's design blog {she just shut it down, though, darn.} I used GIMP. how many hours a day are you online? (: Ha! Alot. Too many that I prefer to say, actually. About five, maybe six. how frequently do you eat cupcakes? At the moment I'm going through a cupcake famine, but usually once every two weeks. It depends. We might get cupcakes this Friday! :D
Since there were fifteen people who asked questions, I'm splitting this up into a three part post. I'll answer five people's questions per day, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post! But what would this post be without a picture? 
chow for now! 


  1. These are really great answers! I think I'm gonna be doing this again sometime soon.

  2. I absolutely love the idea of this post!
    I've always wanted a star to be named after me. So when I look up at the sky at night I can find 'me'.
    Also, vintage is amazing, but I'm not quite 'obsessed' with it. i do love the old timey feel of it though! (:
    also, congratulations on your wedding!:D
    So sorry I couldn't be there!

  3. Mmmmm, that pie looks delicious! This was a great post. I learned a lot about you!

  4. any chance you remember how to do the photo-in-text? I cannot figure it out :P if you only remember a little, I could probably figure out the rest.

  5. never mind...just figured it out!

  6. COOL BEANS! You answered my question! Thanks.

    And I really love these posts you're doing. Lotsa fun!!


  7. Nice answers Jocee! :) Purple is my fave colour, wish my camera was purple!

  8. Thats cool!
    I can't wait till' you answer my questions!
    I want to visit your library!

  9. I am SO doing this.

    I know someone named Serena. :-D.

  10. Hi Jocee I tagged you!



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