the answer to the question {part 2}

So here is part two of my Q&A! There's still time to ask me a question, just go to this post and submit your comments :)) 
{alaw}"Ask me about my wedding with Peter Pevensie/William Moseley." Sure! Guess what? I'm engaged with Edmund! :P Okay! I'll be happy to tell you. The dress is all white with loose fitting straps that are off the shoulders, and there is an emerald green sash that wraps around the middle {unless I decide to change the design}. And you should've been there when he proposed! So beautiful. It's a tear jerker. -insert tears jerking here- And congratulations on your engagement with Edmund! Although I must say you're going to have to go through lots of screaming girls to get down the aisle ;)

{Liz Schoonover}What about your 5 kids Jocee? Well, they were born in the order as follows: Jennette, Olivia, Hayden, Christian, and Hadley. And there's a special part about Olivia: she has green eyes!! It's kinda remarkable and it was totally unexpected.. And Hadley has blue eyes. *sigh* Just like Peter's... Also, what made you so in love with cupcakes, and dictionaries? Hmm...well...I've always loved cupcakes, and I don't know what got me so into dictionaries. I've always liked them, too ;) :P

{Brownie Girl}Did you ever taste a cupcake then throw it away? From what I can remember, no. Unless....oh wait! Yes. One time. I was at a birthday party and the mom made cupcakes with Peanut butter and nuts in them. Everyone else loved them, but I hate peanut butter...and most nuts, so I spit it out when no one was looking :P Did you ever think about creating a cupcake dictionary? ;-) I have, actually! Mary from Sue-Sue's Stories has even expanded on the idea for me :) I always thought it'd be so cool to have a dictionary full of the different types of cupcakes. I mean, why not? That'd be awesome.

{Kels}How long have you been a Christian? Oh, Kels, thank you so much for asking this question. I love answering this question SO MUCH!! Anywho, I will have been saved 10yrs this upcoming October 31st, so I've been saved 9yrs. Best years of my life, and there will be many more the come :)) What are you planning on doing when you graduate high school? I plan on going to a university and studying to become a film composer {the person who writes the music for movies} and a writer. So nervous for the SAT's next year! :P What would your dream house be? I'm going to have more than one house, mind you, so when I get tired of one I'll live in the other one for awhile :{P But my dream house will be white. Somewhat historical, with tall ceilings and a private library. My backyard will be like any other backyard, with a swimming pool, but it's off the library where there's a porch that you can see what looks exactly like Narnia. You can come over!! Let's have tea and cupcakes :))

{Rachel}What got you started on blogging? Great question! iCarly got the ball rolling, believe it or not. They have those shirts on their show and they say something that's completely pointless like "angry towel" or something, and I thought to myself, if I had a shirt like that I'd call it "Cupcake Dictionary". And suddenly, I thought it would make a great blog name. Plus, cupcakes and dictionaries make the world go round! I'd blogged before, but those projects were failed attempts because no one liked the blog or responded to it. And then when I met Bleah last fall, I read her blog, and in January of this year, I started Cupcake Dictionary. That was a really long rambling answer, sorry dear :)  If by some obscure chance, things don't work out with William, what are some things you look for in a man? He must be submitted to God, his pastor, his parents and any form of authority. I asked God for him to have a sensational sense of humor, whether it be dry humor or not. And of course, I'm leaving the looks to God. Also, I don't want him living on the streets when I meet him, if you know what I mean ;) Aside from cupcakes, what other sweet things do you like to eat? I love cake. And blueberry muffin doughnuts. It may sound gross, but that's what I have every Sunday. At our church, one of the Sunday school teachers buys doughnuts and I have one and a cup of raspberry tea. Strange combination, but it's so cool. I also LOVE Creme Brulee, and brownies :))

Thank you again for your lovely questions! Part three will be posted tomorrow. And now, for a random photo:
Okay, maybe two :P 
part three coming tomorrow! 
{pee ess before i actually end this post: i'm thinking about not using my signature anymore. i think it would be more genuine to just end with a personal message of love, you know? what do you guys think?}
okay, now i'm done. bye-bye, birdies! 


  1. i love the last pic! and i'm confused... who's engaged with Edmund? Not you, right?? Ahh!

  2. I love the Blueberry muffin donuts from Dunkin donuts. yummy!

  3. Cool! I personally like your signature, but if you don't want it anymore that's perfectly fine with me. It's your blog and I love it ;)

  4. Screaming girls...yah, Edmund hates them.

    Film composer?!? Wow! You better be as good as Howard Shore! :P

  5. Jocee: Great answers, your dress sounds so pretty!

    Alaw: In your dreams...He is already married


  6. I like these Q&A's! I have a question...

    What is your favorite thing about God?


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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