the answer to the question {part 3}

And so commences the last part of this Q&A and I will return to my regular posting. Before I start though, I would like to say that it is the anniversary of my marriage to Peter Pevensie/William Moseley, and my trip to California is in just a week {EEKK!!}. So, without further ado (and someone's name is "Ado", by the way) I give you my answers:

{Beth}Are you and Peter gonna have any pets? Good question. I have a friend who happens to be a dove, her name is Ripple, but she's not necessarily our pet. Since animals in Narnia are smarter than they are on earth, I wouldn't formally label them as my pet. They would be able to fend for themselves. But you never know :) Will you be High Queen? Yes, yes I will. So stoked!! Are you gonna come to Australia on your honeymoon? (If so tell Pete to bring his brother) I don't know. I know New Zealand and a tour of Europe is in order, but I'm not sure about Australia. I can send Edmund to Austrailia for you, if you like ;)

{JesusChick}Just a quick question: I've almost finished reading ur first book on fanfiction.com and I heard somewhere that u either already have a sequal or u r working on it. If u do have it, where can i find and read it?? First of all: Love your username. That's so awesome!!! I'm a Jesus Chick, too!! Second of all: I do have a sequel and I'm currently writing it, but it isn't on Fanfiction. I will be posting that story when I am finished with the first. And I hope you liked my story!! :))

{iGirl}How tall are you? About 5'9. I'm so short. That's not sarcasm :P If you could be named something else what would it be? Well, I personally like Sandra Elizabeth Taylor. That's actually my stage name :P Who's your favorite actor/actress? Actor: William Moseley, Actress: Georgie Henley, Sandra Bullock and Betty White. Classics :D What's your favorite genre of music? SOUNDTRACK FOR THE WIN!!! I love all movie scores. Especially Star Wars and Pride & Prejudice. And Classical is a close second. And then, I don't know what genre it is, but I like the music Brooke Fraser and Alison Sudol {A Fine Frenzy} make. If you saw a pumpkin with legs walking across the road to a dollar store but it stopped and asked you for directions, what would you say? "Hey, aren't you the Great Pumpkin?" or "Running from the Thanksgiving table, I see." or "Are there such thing as pumpkin cupcakes?" Yes, I know, I cruel, but an innocent cruel :P If you could have any talent that you don't have, what would it be? Gosh, that's a hard one. Probably drawing. I can draw, but not like the professionals {duh}. Plus, I really like making fashion designs but it's really hard. I'll keep practicing, though! :)

{Katie}-what is something you wish you could change about yourself? My nose. I really hate my nose. Although I can breathe, so that's okay. My eye color. No one knows what color my eyes are unless they look really close. I want emerald green eyes or the eyes my friend Haley has, they're a hazel-ish brown. -any boys you're interested in besides mr. moseley?  Alex Pettyfer. Hallelujah, amen, you are dismissed. -your favorite letter of the alphabet? "E" and "J". Of course "J" haha. -your worst fear? butterflies. don't ask.  -what do you want to do as an adult? Be a film composer {person who writes music for movie} and a writer. -what is your favorite animal?  A lion!!! I want one named Aslan. -if you could go anywhere on this planet, where would you go? England, so I could have tea with the queen and stalk the Pevensies -sheepish grin-

{Ashley}what are your five most favorite: Books, Movies, Stores, blogs? Books: 5. Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen 4. Saint - Ted Dekker 3. The Lion the Witch & the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis 2. The Horse & His Boy - C.S. Lewis 1. The Bride Collector - Ted Dekker. Movies: 5. Miss Congeniality 4. The Proposal 3. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe 2. Prince Caspian 1. Voyage of the Dawn Treader Where will you and Peter go on your honeymoon? :-D All around the world {Narnian world} and then come back to earth and tour Europe. How often do you look at dictionaries? Almost everyday :D  Do you like encyclopedias? Yes!! They smell so good :))

{Grace}: Do you take all of your pictures shown on your awesome blog? Or do you find them places like google, and stuff? I don't take all of the pictures. I wish I did, though. That'd be SO. BEAST. I get them from WeHeartIt or Tumblr. Those are my two websites :D

{Talia}: What is your favorite thing about God? Oh, Talia. That is probably the most precious question I've ever gotten. I just love to brag on God, you know? Okay, to answer your question: I love the fact that God is an everything God. He can do anything, he can do everything, and I think it's just rockin' awesome. For example: Say someone has a disorder that's not curable. It's not terminal, but it may effect their developmental process. Say, Autism for instance. What if someone looked at that person and said "Too bad, they're going to have to live with that forever." Well, if God can supernaturally heal Tuberculosis, Cancer, or a Tumor, then he can heal Autism, right? I mean, if he couldn't, then he wouldn't be an "anything and everything" God. Do you understand what I mean? That's what I love best about him. Thank you sooooo much for asking this :)) <3

Thank you all for being curious. And now, before I go, one more random photo!! Yay!! 
Okay, maybe two:
Today is a lovely-happy day. I'm listening to this song. I'm drinking Raspberry tea. I'm watching my sister {pray for me} I'm reading three books, and writing alot more than that. But I just realized I forgot to eat. Ooops. How do you forget to eat, Jocelyn? Really? Yes...really....okay pardon me! I'm going to make some waffles :)) Bye lovely-happys!
{pee ess: Anyone know how to center the post title and date?}
{pee pee ess: I made up a new quote. Do you want me to show you guys?}
{pee pee pee ess: What do you guys think of my playlist? Do you like it? Any song suggestions, should I take off certain songs? Anything?}
Okay, I'm done with the pee pee ess's. See ya' later, alley-gate-or! 


  1. Beth and Jocee...remember, Edmund's mine? We are going to New Zealand in September...but I can tack Australia on the trip, if you like. :P

  2. Cool! I don't know about Brooke Fraser, but I know Alison Sudol is considered Alternative or Indie. I love my Indie music :)


  3. LOL I saw those two pix on Tumblr!!! Go us [awesome] tumblr girls!!! woot woot. xD




  4. I'm glad you like my username! That makes me feel so spiffy <3


  5. By the way (sorry for commenting twice I forgot to put this in the first one lol ;) ), if you are 5'9 you are tall ;) I'm your age and I'm 5'2 and a half :P

  6. Grace Thomas PevensieAugust 18, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    Whoops, Edmund's already mine! Y'all are a bit too late. ;)

  7. Hey, hold on ladies. Edmund is definitely mine.
    I have a start on all of you (I think! lol); I live in sunny ol England.
    And we're going back home to New Zealand to live. Good stuff.
    LOL! JK! Love your answers Jocee darling!

  8. My favorite letter of the alphabet is also J! J for the win!! :D

  9. Amen to hatred of butterflies.
    They. Are. So. Creepy.

    Also, You can steal my eye color if you want, lol. They're green, but they change color to brown when I'm upset, I've noticed. I've always wanted ones that aren't a definite color until you really look! (:

  10. Awesome answers Jocee! I love your last one, about God being an everything God, so true! :) And yes, I'd love to see your new quote! Also, I heard Blow Away by A Fine Frenzy on your blog, and I love it! So yeah, your playlist is great!

  11. This made me crack up. Alex Pettyfer... I CAN SO RELATE.
    --Love MCat

  12. Great answers Jocee! I love Brooke Fraser...she is so awesome, my favourite of her songs are "Hosea's Wife" and "The C.S Lewis Song".
    I saw the proposal with my friend the other day, I was drinking a cup of milk in one part and I started laughing and choked on it and it went up my nose!

    I think you should totally come to Australia on your honeymoon, I mean I'm sorry but NZ is kinda umm boring. (just kidding)
    Alyianna- come to Australia, because acording to Jocee Ed's coming, so we can stalk him together!


  13. Alex Pettyfer? Nice choice ;)
    And I love your playlist!

  14. >(.".)< Jocee >(.".)<, where can I find your Fanfiction? What the title? How can I find it?
    (Also, I got something on my blog for you..
    Peter. Well, he's in this music video that was for the Prince Caspien movie. I still need to get the video offically up since the code only showing up. Come see it at my blog:
    goldy090forever.blogspot.com )

    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=
    (les poissons et les chats *giggles*)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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