california outtakes, take one {and take five}

whilst {i love that word} i'm writing this post i'm listening to my brand new iPod that my parents surprised me with when i got home. all summer long my church had this development program, where every week you write about something you did, and what you learned, and how it will help you in the long run. did i mention there were prizes, too? the winners got a prize equilavent to $100. and guess who won!! one of my life-long friends {who just turned seven} won for the littler kids group, and i won for the big kids group!! i won a pink 2GB iPod shuffle, and $50 gift card to Barnes & Noble!! {i love how it smells in there} so you might be able to guess what i'll be doing for the next few weeks. 
okay, now for my california outtakes. scene one, take one, and action! 
At the airport. Checking bags and security took 15min, and I'm now waiting for my dad to stop watching football in one of those bars they have at the airport. Awkward, since I can't go in there. Not like I want to, though. My dad got this special pass so he can accompany me to the gate. They don't let you go without a pass anymore, you have to request one. Yay for me! I would've gotten so lost. It's been years since I've been on a plane.
We're now sitting at the Terminal-type-thingy. It's exactly 6:16pm, and there's a thin later of clouds in the sky. If you want to get into specifics, the sky is a pretty grayish-non-depressing-blue, with a hint of peach in the distance. The beginnings of sunset.
I'm guess Aunt Mary is at the ariport now. Since she's at LAX, there's probably alot of security, and she's getting that special pass to meet me at the gate, too. I just realized the month-old nail polish one my fingers doesn't look as attractive as it used to, so maybe I should just take it off and start all over again. The nail polish on my toes with stay on for atleast four more months, and it's chip resistant, so I'm going to have a blast trying to get that off.
On the plane now. They're playing an instruction video. I can write and listen at the same time. There's a sound that you when you're at the movie outside. You know, that special logo music? Yeah it sounds like that. It's almost in perfect harmony with the other sounds. We're speeding/slowing down now, about to take off. They're teasing us. When are we going to take off? Now. Can see the skyline. The sky is a collage of colors. Peach, orange, light blue, merging together in perfect coordination. According to my pinky, I'm sitting on top of the Texas Capital! Lifting off now. Wow, this thing is going fast!
We have a perfect view of the sunset. It is glorious. Everything looks like it has a blue fog. Goodness, the trees are really small. My city looks like a miniature used for play. I can see my neighborhood from here! 
Above a layer of clouds. It's all so beautiful up here! There's a bunch of rain clouds, I like to think there are Narnians inside. It almost looks like if I walk outside, I'll be able to flout. It all looks like different flavors of cotton candy. Blue, pink and orange. There's a big portion of clouds near us. It looks like a whole world over there! Huh. That would make a good storyline. Suggestions?
We're flying over the cloud world now, as I like to call it, and I'm waving at Mr. Tumnus. There's mountains and a rumbling sea, and a valley. It looks like the sea is covered in a sheet of ice. More clouds are billowing on top. Looks like Mr. Tumnus will be getting a snowstorm. Not like he hasn't had enough. 
Can't see the ground. We're passing the heavens of the cloud world, now we're in another. Rocky hills and mountains here. Assuming this is where the Archenlanders live. A few more mountains, and even dunes. I think we're at the tombs near Tashbaan. Shasta slept there, you know. I can see Tashbaan, still in the desert. I wonder if Thor is paying a visit to the cloud world. I'm not sure where we are now. We passed Calormen, Archenland and Narnia, and now everything is a mass of mountains.
Above the cloud world. The flight attendants are coming by with drinks, I'm getting Sprite. Parks & Recreation is on. I can't heart anything so I'm just going to drink my soda in happy silence. The pilot said it was going to get bumpy. Apparently it's possible to get bumpy in an area where there's nothing to get bumpy with.
Sprite tastes funny up in the air. I can see the cloud world again. I have no idea where we are. Maybe they'll announce it when we reach a different state.
There's a random red dot in the sky. I think it's another plane. Hi, there! There's a curtain separating normal people from First Class. Why does this remind me of that episode in Victorious? There's a magazine called "Sky Mall". Really weird gifts. "Monet Cowboy Rain Boots". They look like a hippie truck, only they're boots. "Orbitwheels". A cross between a skate board, and inline skates. I still don't see Cat's obsession to buy this stuff.
Still watching that noiseless episode of Parks & Recreation. The cloud world is gone for now. There are alot of circle fields on the ground. A new show is on. I can actually hear it. I don't know what it's - it's Community. Helen from Drake & Josh is in it. I don't know where we are, but there are alot of light on, on the ground. Maybe we're flying over Las Vegas or something! No, probably not.
I can't hear the TV anymore. Actually, I can't hear anything at all. Oh weyall {well}. It's getting darker outside. Community is so. weird. Makes no sense. We're currently flying inside a cloud, and I can't see anything. I hope the pilot can see.
Would it be weird to say there's a kleptomaniac monkey on the television? Just looked out the window. Whoa. Jocee, we aren't is Texas anymore!
I think we're in California now. The sky is a deep orange, then it grows lighter until it reaches blue, then it grows darker until it reaches azure blue. Wow. Our God is amazing. The sky has the most vivid colors I've ever seen. No description will do them justice.
We've begun out descend. I think. But I know we're in California. How do I know? The captain just announced it :) Wow. It's really big. There are alot of light. And big building. I know the Staples Center is down there somewhere ;) The sky is now magenta in color.
Ohmylipsgloss. HUGE!!!! Sorry. But you should see the city from here!! Did I mention I'm wearing a sweater? Well...I'm wearing a sweater. It's 70 degrees! The captain said prepare for landing. Ahhh!!! Alot of mountains in the distance.
I wonder how much it costs for all these lights to be on. Alot. Of course. The ground is getting bigger. I can almost swear I saw the Staples Center. Someone is gagging behind me. Gross. Actually, I think they snorted. Gross.
GASP! I. Can. See. TRAFFIC! This is. SO. COOL!!! There's a big screen playing ads on it. Oooh! Coca Cola! ~open happiness~ :P
Getting lower. Where's the Hollywood sign? I can see the palm trees. They actually don't look out of place here!! The ground is getting bigger. Whoa. Way bigger. WAY bigger. Ohkay...it's hard to write now that we're landing.
We landed. There's a baby in the back who's bawling. We're here.
I'm in LA. 8:21pm.
So that was day one of my California outtakes. You can still do your outtakes! I think I'm going to extend them. And now, please excuse me whilst {there's that word again} I download music onto my rockin' awesome iPod. 


  1. Very good description of your journey to California. The sky scenery must have been amazing up there. :)

    Here's my Outtakes post for day 5 & 6

  2. What a fun post! You make it all sound exciting.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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