Faces & Feet {A Guest Post By Katie}

I was taking pictures of shoes the other day, because I’m wacky like that, and an idea came to me and it just stuck. So here I am on Jocee’s lovely blog, posting about people’s feet and lovely faces. 
People are beautiful; everyone in their own way. I’ve never really realized how unique every single person is in a special way. I’m truly amazed with the different faces and different walks of life that surround me every day, and their purpose in this world. I can’t help but ponder the wonders of people and their personalities and characteristics that set them apart from everyone else. Observing people and their facial expressions, their appearance, and their manner, I’ve seen how that all reflects who they really are. I would love to take a step in their shoes to see their view and perspective on life; mine might be similar to theirs, but it’s still different in its own way. To know God designed each individual I met this week, it makes me think about the importance of each one. People are beautiful, and not because of what they own or what they look like, but because we’re all made in His image; and that makes everyone beautiful, in their own special way, from head to toe- or from faces to feet.
Who do you think is beautiful?


I'm Katie, and that's all I strive to be. I blog over at Becoming KatieI'm very apt to stare at the sky, take pictures randomly of the most random things, write sideways with my left hand in my notebook with my striped pen, collect Eiffel towers and French things, wish I was in either the 40's or 1800's, drink coffee like nobody's business, smile and laugh constantly so please don't take offenseand I ALWAYS have my nose in a book. Above all, I live my life for Him; and no matter how things may change, I will always put Him first. Nice to meet you.

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sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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