For the love of Books {Guest poster, ASHLEY!}

I read books. A lot. Ok, I'll admit it, the only thing I do more then breath and blog, is read.  Drop dead honest. I don't even WRITE as much as I read.  But how can you NOT read?  They are open windows to worlds untouched!
I love blocking out my woes, and open a book and start a new 'life'.  Even if it is short lived.

I happen to get very worked up over books, I LOVE the Characters, or hate them.  I laugh and giggle when something good, funny or happy happens, and cry at the sad parts.  For me, there is no 'in the middle' I either love it, or hate it.
"Mon coeur se trouve dans les livres"  French for, "My Heart lies in Books"

 And note, no, I do not speak French,  I happen to use THIS very handy translator. :-D

I'd love to be a librarian.  To work AMONG books. TO dust them off, to recommend them, to breath in there smell.
Yes, One of the first thing I do each time I get a new book is open it to the middle, stick my nose into the crevice, and breath in deeply!  I know, I'm odd. and Possibly a weirdo.

And, for your information, Old books smell the best.

I want a personal library with shelfs to the roof, with deep red chairs to sink into, and a crackling fire.

I have already started on a small library...small...mind you.  But I love that little collection of 20-30 novels, and loves.
I feel like I am just rambling now, I think I have put forward my love enough.  I love their smell, their characters, their tales.  I love the covers, and the emotions that course through me each time I open a new one.  Or even an old one, like a trusty friend.  I know it hasn't changed since the last time I opened it.  I am like a Alice in her own Wonderland.

I love thee, books.

Livres sont ouvertes sous windows de fantaisie et d'aventure. Livres peuvent capturer votre coeur comme très peu peuvent.

 Ashley is a writer of tales, reader of books, reciter of quotes, and lover of movies.  A big sister to 8, a photographer in heart, a forever dreamer and all around retro gal.  She blogs @  Cheery-O!, Penciled With Imagination, and reviews books at The Epic Reader.


  1. *high-fives* Lovely post! Completely agree with ya =)

  2. This is an awesome post ;)

  3. ohmygosh your blog is just so adorable! :)


  4. Great post! I'm glad to see that there are other people who like reading books more than I do. :)

  5. Yeah books do smell good. And they are awesome. :D

  6. Great post Ashley!!! I Love books. However, I would not smell a library book. They tend to smell bad because of how many people use them. Now...new books or my books. They all smell wonderful.

  7. I love reading, too. But only if it's a good book. Cuz if it's not, I usually can't or don't finish it. I love the smell of new books.

  8. Perhaps you'd like the song Sometimes I feel like Alice by Lisa Mitchell. I know I do!:)
    I love reading. I mean, that's me. I love books. Though I do tend to find that in-the-middle feeling sometimes. I've got my own collection of books, too.. I was an avid collector of The Baby-Sitters Club when I was little, and that makes up half my collection. :P

    But back to what we're saying -- I LOVE NOVELS! And writing. And all that. So I suppose what I mean to say is, loved your post!

  9. books are delicious. that's all i can say.

  10. Omigosh and I thought I was the only one! I love breathing in the smell of books :)

  11. I agree 100%! I lovee books. Love love love 'em. I don't know what I would do without my library card! Old books DO smell wonderful :)

  12. Mmm...the smell of old books. New books. Any book at all.

  13. love the "keep calm and read a book" quote. def one of my favorites :)


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