Tired. Sad. Hungry. Missing everyone. Bawling. Repeat, repeat, repeat...
I'm home. 
Excitement has turned to exhaustion, anticipation to memory, and energy into just-plain-old-tiredness. I didn't even get to say goodbye to Bleah. Or Debbie, or Micah. But I accomplished what I set out to accomplish, and that was to serve.
I served at Discovery Camp for one week, and in the course of that week, I laughed, cried, praised God, and washed over 20,000 dishes. I made scads of new friends, and they are now not only my friends, but my best friends. My sisters.
to kari: thank you for the countless giggle sessions, the girly-girl conversations, the staying-up-whispering-when-the-lights-are-supposed-to-be-out times, and especially thank you for convincing me to move my bed next to yours. had i not, i would've been infested by nasty nasty bugs. thank you for being you. and thank you for letting me straighten your hair. 
to abby: your foot massages saved my life. had it not been for you i'm pretty sure i would be crippled. which wouldn't be good. thank you for laughing uncontrollably, and buying me lots 'of chocolate-chip-cookie-dough ice cream. yum. :P {and our  "sleepover" was so much fun}
to debbie & micah: thanks for standing there while i sulked over my broken headband. and my silly band. and any thing that has the word "band" at the end of it for that matter. thanks for the cheetos and the curly fries and thank you debbie for the countless i love you's, and yes, i love you too. 
to JD: no, debbie and i are not bi-polar.
to mace: i'm still shocked that your younger can me, 6ft tall, and can pick me up. very shocked. and your name reminds me of a spice.
to TC: thanks for flexing. 'nuff said. 
to isaac: thanks for making me laugh
to haille & emily: i have now mastered the phrase "shoooot". yay me!
to bleah: i love you. 
to jordan: i'm going to steal your closet. 
to amy: i love the bow in your hair. 
to megatron {megan}: you're gorgeous and can sing like an angel.
to charlie: i love you and your hair and your nephew. and that conversation we had...hehe 
to anna: thanks for being such a sweetheart. and sharing your oreos.
to haley: yours is going to be the longest. thank you for a spoonful of your ice cream, thank you for letting me be yours silverware santa claus, thank you for that gorgeous smile of yours, thank you for making me laugh until i choked, thank you for telling me TC had muscles like popeye, thank you for being my new big sister, thank you for telling me that when i'm about to cry i should just laugh, even though it didn't work. thank you for being the amazing, drop dead gorgeous, beast arm wrestler girl you are, and i love you with all my heart and i miss you. alot. 
And a special thank you to my guest posters for guest posting. I have a special message to Hannah, my first guest poster:
to hannah: funny how you invited Aslan to your wedding with Peter, because he committed to be at our wedding anniversary that's on the 18th, with the kids. we have five, you know :) i think it's only polite to invite you, and I'm sure Caspian would love to accompany you. it starts at sunset in the grand hall at Cair Paravel. Narnian formal attire. i can't wait to see you there :))
*sigh* Yes, lovelies, I'm home. This camp experience was amazing. I got closer to my Lord and Savior than I ever have before, I've eaten about a gallon of ice cream, and I met some people who have become lifelong friends. I miss them now. I really do. And to celebrate my return:
I know I should be throwing a dance party and cranking out the dictionaries, but right now, I'm going to go call Haley. I miss the sound of their voice. I miss them all.


  1. Wow sounded like fun...I'm glad you had some! :D

  2. Sounds awesome! I went on a bible camp like yours! Such an absolute amazing time! I got back this morning and I miss it and the people sooo much already!! :) xxx

  3. It sounds awesome.
    But, I am glad your home! I've missed my yahoo chat buddy!
    And washing dishes? Ehhh, I hate that! My family goes through about 2939494x more dishes than we need to.

  4. Wow, your post about camp reminds me of my time last year at a camp in Illinois. I made a ton of friends, and miss them BUNCHES!



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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