i look like a hippie

Today's post was actually supposed to be about tea, but I just did my hair and then I thought it would be better to talk about bohemian stuff. But what does my hair have to do with hippies and bohemian stuff? Well, I'll tell you:
I put two fishtail braids in my hair, one on either side of my head...
And then I pulled them back so they'd wrap around my head. Are y'all following me? I hope so :P { :P = random emoticon} Basically I made two fishtails into a hippie headband. And then, with the rest of my hair, I put it in two Indian-style ponytails, except without braids. But then I decided to take them down so therefore I look like this:
{I feel so beast for using two black & white photos in a row}
I'm wearing an ivory lace skirt that so long it flows beyond my feet so I pulled it up and but a brown belt on it so it could be used as a dress. I feel so Olivia right now :D
I'm having an obsession for hippie/bohemian stuff lately. Maybe it's inspired by my upcoming trip to Los Angeles. After all, who knows what they wear there :) 
I think it's been the first time in a long time that I've only talked about one specific thing in a post. I think I'm going to say my goodbyes before I start talking about how beautiful Peter Pevensie is. Speaking of which, isn't he beautiful? Speaking of which, one of my guest posters tried to steal him from me. But that didn't work hee hee ha ha! Speaking of which, I think that David Tennant is just legend. And Jack Sparrow. And confetti cupcakes. Speaking of which, I think I'm going to go watch Pride & Prejudice now. *sigh* I just love Jane Austen. Don't you?
{pee ess: I would like to thank everyone who expressed their opinion on yesterday's blog post. I do understand that people with mega blogs tend to be really busy and it's hard for them to keep up with everyone, but I just needed to say what I felt. Also, thank you all for offering to do my blog design! Miss Gracie of Lollipops & Cupcakes is doing my design. I'm so stoked. AND, don't forget to ask a question for my Q&A! I'll be answering them next week...okay I need to stop. Byee!}


  1. I wish my hair was long enough to do that!! I'm constantly doing fishtail braids on my two cousins. :3

  2. I want your lace dress. But I am totally NOT into hippie/boho stuff. To be honest, it grosses me out. Its just so weird. Blah.

    Anyhoo, I'm really into the fishtail braided look, and can't wait for my hair to grow so it will do it well. :)


  3. I adore David Tennant! Doctor Who is the ultimate BEST! Just watched an episode last night. The one where he is with Martha and they end up on a ship headed towards the sun and the sun is inhabiting peoples bodies and burning other people up... A bit creepy :) Have you seen that episode?

  4. Love the hair! I reckon the whole boho thing is pretty sweet. :D

  5. I have hair that is thick and loooong...I just wish I knew how to do a fish tail braid! I do regular braids in my hair all the time but I haven't learned how to do those kind of braids yet. *sigh* :(


  7. Your hair sounds really cool! I've recently figured out the fishtail - love it!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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