I'm Stolen (Guest post by iGirl/Dani)


I'll introduce myself as Dani, I posted on Jocee's blog a little while ago, if you know of me you probably think that I'm iGirl. But iGirl is a pretty formal sounding name, like calling someone Miss something or other, so I came up with Dani. You're welcome to call me whichever one you want to.

This post is about something that is very important to me, really.

I'm stolen.

I'm not even kidding, I've been stolen time and again and probably will be another time in my life. Who am I stolen by though? It's a scary thought to be stolen. Well, numerous people I guess.

Disney. Nickelodeon. Disney-Pixar. Illumination Entertainment. Pixar.

Now, the odds are that you don't know me personally, but in my life I have seen a lot of movies and you may have seen some of them too. It seems that for some reason, my personality is used in them. A lot.

Not my picture

This is Isabella, she's from the rather famous cartoon TV show on the Disney Channel called Phineas and Ferb. You may know it as the show where two step-brothers make all these extravagant inventions over summer break and their older sister tries to get them in trouble.

Her excessive perkiness, love for pink, unicorns and go get 'em spirit resembles an exaggerated me. Plus, she has the big eyes which I had when I was little. It's kind of ironic that she's pretty much my favorite character. Besides which, she wears hair bows all the time and I wear hats a lot.

Catch Phrase: "Whatcha doin?"
My Similar one: "Can I make you happy?" (I used to say that all the time when I was little)

Not my picture

Cat Valentine from the teen show on Nickelodeon, Victorious, about a girl named Tori Vega who attends a performing arts school because of her amazing singing voice.

She's ditzy, airheady, loves things that are cute and has a weird fashion sense. I was watching a video of her with my sister and my mom, and some of the things that she said are a lot like me. Too bad my hair won't turn that color, sigh.

My Cat-like moment: "Yeah, I'm fine, just tired--Ooh! Shoes!"

Not My Picture

This is Bonnie, from Toy Story 3. The thing that's most like me about her is her fashion sense (the tutu) and her love for Toys. I don't like Toy Story that much, but the scene where Andy gives her his toys--it's just adorable.

Her line: "My cowboy!"
My line: "My bunny!" (I was a bunny obsessed child)

Not My Picture

This is Agnes from Despicable Me. I didn't think I would like this movie, but she made me love it. She's small, and a little bit dumb (kind of like me), she loves unicorns, makes up songs and is the youngest in her family. She loves holding people's hands (exactly like me) and look at the puppy dog face, I do that all the time.

Agnes's Song:
Unicorns I love them, Unicorns I love them,
Uni-Uni-Unicorns, I loove them!

Uni-Unicorns I could pet one
if they were really real..
And they are! So I bought one so I could pet it.

My Song (in the tune of "Tomorrow" from Annie):
My Bunny, My bunny!
I LOVE my bunny! Everyday, when I go play.
My bunny! My Bunny! I love my bunny!
Everyday, when I go play,
I love my bunny!
My bunny, my bunny, my bunny.

Not my picture

This is Boo from Monster's Inc. She's my twin, the first one, the other one with a song and the one who looked like me when I was little. Boo's small, makes up songs, wear pigtails, pink and gets scared easily.

My family says that I act like Boo, more than anything that I say is like her.

Not my picture

This is Silvermist. She's ditzy, curious, wants to make people happy and doesn't like conflict. She's also very literal. Like me. I really love the Tinkerbell movies and when I saw Silvermist I was really excited because there was a fairy that I could relate to. Is that dumb?

don't know, I'm just ditzy like she is.

Not my picture

This is Piglet from Winnie the Pooh. He's small, hates conflict, sighs a lot and loves to make people happy. Piglet has always been my favorite because he's pink and I used to love pigs.

When I was little my uncle bought my sister and me this life size Pooh Bear animals of Piglet, Tigger, Pooh, Rabbit and Eeyore. I loved Piglet. Aahh, good times.

Piglet's line: "Oh d-d-d-dear!"
My line: "Are you mad?"

See? That's seven characters that are like me! I guess I'm just one of those personalities, it's really funny because so many cartoons are exaggerated versions of me. Oh well, even if there are people like me, I'm only like myself because everyone else is taken. I'm how God made me and that's the most important thing.

Are you like any cartoon characters? Or normal characters? Visit my blog or comment here to tell me! I'd love to hear!


I dance. I love. I write. I sing (not well). I love God. I read. I want to live in a city. I have health issues. I play with play-dough. I listen to music. I write emails. I like surprises. I hope. I love peace signs. I smile. I laugh. I don't like my voice. I rant. I'm not perfect. I blog. I act. I doodle. I cook. I sew. I desperately need a savior no matter what and I'm living to glorify Him

I blog at the blog iDream, where I share a little corner of my brain, and at Traveling Tales where I share some writing tips and experiences.

P.S--I'm also going to have a blog party in November with games an giveaways!


  1. Gah! I am with you there on Agnes I absolutely love her! :D My friends and I are always going around saying "Its so fluffy I'm gonna die!" XD

  2. GAH! I had the unicorns song stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG yesterday, and I woke up without it, but now I've got it there again!!

    ♪Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them....♪ I actually had a 'pet' unicorn as a little girl. She was named Sparkles. ☺

  3. i found your page by google image searching for Agnes from Despicable Me lol.
    your page (including the music) brought a smile to my face :)
    i hope that life is treating you well :)
    Patrick X

  4. P.S. could i have your playlist for this page please? :)

  5. patches: yes you can! :))
    -jocee <3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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