late night musings

fishtail braided hair. i look like a native american hippie. 
dreaming of oxfords. if only i could find more than one pair in my size!
my anticipation for cold weather is growing rapidly. apart from the fact that i get to wear a sweater in cali this thursday {yay!!} it seems like winter is so far away. or fall for that matter. but still, i'm praying for snow this year. i always do, anyway.
kels {darling} and i were talking about fashion. honestly, we're really not fans of the big designers, or magazines like vogue, or magazines at all for that matter. i mean, what they make seems so extravagant and expensive and it's not something that a normal person would wear on a regular daily basis. {to all the fashionistas out there: sorry. this is why i'm a cupcake blogger.} we like simple, neutral, and classy like the 1950's. vintage, mainly. ruche is perfect for that, by the way.

ohmygoshbubblesonpumpernickel boomchalkalloooo {all credit for the boom word goes to Mary. because she's awesome at making up words like that.} he. is. beautiful. can't you tell? {pee ess, if one of you says different, i will personally dispose of you. i'm sorry that's mean but you have to do wha'chu gotta do. hehe. that sounded so slannggg :P}
haley. i. love. haley. i met her at camp, and she's probably my most favorite person in the entire world. she takes care of all of her seven siblings, cooks, cleans, and cleans outside of the house, and on top of that does triathalons and is 118lbs and can beat me at arm wrestling. i'm over 30lbs heavier than her. do the math. whenever she talks, my mom comes out. she's my rolemodel. did i mention she's not even 16? oh. oops.
{no picture so i'm just going to throw up a picture of this strawberry shortcake thing i found}
i'm packing for california already. look, i'm not forgetting ANYTHING. i'm thinking about getting my cousin a present. FYI: my cousin in a dog. an actual dog. her name is grace jonez. and she's a cutie pie! i call her muffin because she's awesome like that. anyway, any presents for cutie pies?
beauty. real beauty. i came across this episode of ugly betty {note: I DO NOT WATCH UGLY BETTY. it's kinda strange...} and they were talking about this girl who was doing a photoshoot for publicity for this movie she was in. she happened to gain 30lbs for the role and she never lost it, and the magazine people were going to shrink her so she'd look....presentable. well, betty got to talk to the actress, and she said "i don't care if fashion is emaciated girls in painted on dresses" (or something like that) "and for what it's worth, i think you looked beautiful in those untouched photos. i'd kill to look like you." just think about that for a second. think.
sleep. i need to go to bed. nighty-night darlings!!


  1. I love UGLY BETTY. Just saying.

    And I wish I could fishtail braid my hair.

  2. I love the pictures! Haley sounds like a really cool person.

  3. Ohh I love fishtail braids but have no idea how to do one! You should post a tutorial or something!
    --Sara Beth


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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