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Last night in an attempt to mask my boredom I sat down on my bed and proceeded to put fishtail braids in my hair. Yes, dear bloggers, I have made yet another step towards becoming a fashionista {actually, this is probably step one} and vintage connoisseur. After a few tries, I did one perfectly. Hurray for me!!
So now I'm known as the cupcake lover, dictionary reader, daydream believer, bubble blower, and fishtail braider. This is a monumental moment in my life's history. I think I'm going to make some cupcakes. 
This morning my mom and I cleaned out one of our bookshelves. Now, I hate cleaning with a burning passion. But I guess it's worth it. Actually, I know it's worth it. Why? Because I found one of my old Neiman Marcus lookbooks. Which means I can *finally* make my inspiration board that I've wanted for so long. And if you've read Carlotta, Olivia, and Abbey's blogs, inspiration boards are the bee's knees. Seriously, they are so fab. Who doesn't want a board {or wall, for that matter} full of magazine clippings, and color palette's and calico fabric and polka dot washi tape? Yeah. I thought so. 
So now I'm known as the cupcake lover, dictioinary reader, daydream believer, bubble blower, fishtail braider, and inspiration board maker. Isn't today just lovely-happy-with-a-bag-of-goldfish? I know right!! 
Did this post seem pointless to you guys? It did to me. Anywho...
Before I go, I have to tell you to submit a question for the Q&A I'm doing! I will write up my answers and post them next week. 
AND, I was wondering, does anyone want to help me with blog design? I really want a knew one and I have no idea how to redo this one, since there are so many things everywhere and I don't want to mess up my blog forever. So, if you do {free} blog designing, or you know someone who does, leave me a comment letting me know.
I think I'm going to play around with fishtail braids some more. This is just so fun!!
{pee ess: I'M GOING TO THE PREMIERE OF SPY KIDS 4 THIS SATURDAY!!! It's at this place that my mom and I volunteer at and CELEBRITIES are going to be there. Okay, I need to keep calm. Breathe, Jocelyn, breathe. What am I going to wear? My uniform. Duh! And, if you saw my bucket list post, the number 10 item on their was to go to a movie premiere! Not that I'm dying, of course. Wow. Okay, excuse me while I somehow try to get rid of this sudden burst of energy I have}


  1. Oh my goshhh, I love your fishtail braid. I can frenchbraid but I've been struggling with doing the fishtail on myself. I'll have to keep practicing!!

    I'm so jealous about the movie premiere though! That'll be so fun!!!

  2. Ahh, if only my hair was long enough to do that
    lol, but the premiere sounds awesome! What celebs will be there???

  3. Are one of those pictures of you?
    PS. I so want to do a fishtail braid, but my hair isn't long enough yet.

  4. i remember having my mom do a fishtail braid in my hair after i saw it in some Barbie hair book thing... what? i was pretty obsessed with Barbie as a "kid" ;) i loved my hair when it was all done up in a fishtail...

    and i've always wanted to go to a movie premier! but with our family of six, we have to wait for the movie to come our to our little theater in Hondo or wait for the DVD... but someday i'm gonna go to a premier, someday...

    oh, and i am now back from my vacation, so i could redo your blog! just email me (you have my email address, right?) and we can talk :) i would be honored to give your bloggy a facelift :)

  5. Stunning ability to fishtail braid. Never been able to do it, though.

  6. Fishtail braids are awesome! I've tried a couple times to do my hair like that and it was a flop, but you gave me inspiration to try again. :)

    Spy kids 4? COOL! I soooo want to see it! You are soo lucky to be going to a premiere!! Have fun and stay cool. ;)

    love and hugs! xxxx~Kelsey

    I happen to think he grew up to be really really cute. :)

  8. I totally missed the blog design part, lol
    if you give me an idea of what you want I could make something up. let me know, and it's fine if you don't want to. <3

  9. Fishbraids look so COOL! Perhaps I will give it a go. :D

    There's a SpyKids4? You're going to the premiere with celebrities? WOO that's AWESOME!

  10. I wore my hair in a fishtail Tuesday...I wasn't aware that they are currently in, though...I just think it's a pretty braid. :)

  11. Your braids are pretty!

    My friend Miss Gwenea does blog designs here: http://primandproperdesigns-portfolio.blogspot.com/. She did a blog design at my blog Password to Middle Earth: http://passwordtomiddlearthalaw.blogspot.com/. Doesn't it look pretty?

  12. Cool braids! =) I do free blog designs here (kendralynnestudios.blogspot.com) and I'd be happy to do one for you. Just click on 'order'! I can also do a header on the sidebar that flips on rollover, if ya want. ;)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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