why do i blog?

It's a question that's been filling my time lately, and I think it's time to answer that question. 
I've been hitting publish for nearly eight months now on Cupcake Dictionary. And honestly, this isn't the first blog I've had. I've been hitting publish for years, and in those first attempts of blogging the word "publish" really meant nothing to me. I just posted about random aspects of my life that no one seemed to care about, and by then I wondered why I hit 'create blog' in the first place. But now it's totally different. 
I don't know what people expect when they first come across this blog. Do they want a fashionista with a wardrobe the size of Manhattan? Do they want a chef who has the secrets to making a perfect Creme Brulee? Do they want a photographer who knows how to get the ideal macro shot? I don't know. But instead of getting all those things, they're going to get something totally different. Me. 
Your epic fail of a fashionista who rarely goes shopping due to her mother's instant meltdown. Your chef who has never made a Creme Brulee in her life due to the fact that we don't have a cooking blow torch-type-thingy. Your photographer whose brand new camera broke because of a usb cord mix-up. And yet, I'm still me. 
As much as I blog for you guys, I blog for me, too. I blog because when my friends ridicule me for loving Narnia as much as I do, there's still a place where I can be accepted, and no one can say any different. I blog because when I feel so out of place, I can always sit down and my computer, log-in to Blogger, and feel right at home. I also blog because cupcakes are awesome. Just sayin'. There may be a million blogs out there more popular than mine. There may be over a billion people who dress better than me, or have a better life than me. And yet, I'm still me. 
Hi! I'm Jocee. Short for Jocelyn. Silly, flighty, the blondest brunette you'll ever meet, short attention span, sweet-tooth, forgetful, loud, funny :P, loves cupcakes, dictionaries, and YOU. I blog because I am me. And I want the whole world to know that I always will be. Whether it's good, bad, or possibly even ugly, it's still me. And cupcakes are awesome. Just sayin'. 


  1. I love your blog, I think you're wonderful, and you should never doubt yourself or what you choose to blog about!!! :)

  2. This is lovely. It can be so hard to find your 'place' when blogging becomes just as competitive as school does, and it's great to see someone being honest about it. I'm still struggling with that.

  3. That's precisely what I'm drawn to in blogs. People who are themselves. I think that, even though it can get hard, it's the best look on anyone, better than a Gucci purse or something ;).

    I love your blog Jocee, it's like seeing a little piece of you and I see a sweet, funny, caring, hopeful and adorable girl who loves cupcakes and dictionaries.



  4. Thank you for blogging! I love your posts, and only wish I had found you earlier!

  5. Thanks for blogging Jocee! I absolutely love everything about your adorable, sweet blog and your posts are fantastic! (: Keep on doing what you're doing, you're really encouraging to me!

    ~Sophie (:

  6. I blog for some of the same reasons! I blog because this is the one place where I can feel at home with my LOTR geekiness...because there are other people here like me that I can "be" with!

  7. I love you like crazy, my dear Joc! I seriously think your blog is my ABSOLUTE favorite!!!! No joke. I love the 'Cupcake Dictionary'. :)

    If anyone should be doubting why they ever created a blog in the first place, it should be me! I feel like my blog is a big hunk of junk.... but we don't need to go there!!!

    So... whenever you have doubts, just think of how much we all love you, and that we LOVE your blog!!!!! <3


  8. I love this post! I *love* your blog and I love that you are YOU and you are YOUnique! Why be someone else when you can be you? I love love love your blog. So just thanks. Thanks for not being somebody you're not.
    Oh, and Narnia is *so* cool. I've been singing "The Call" a ton today.

  9. I love your blog, sweet Jocee! It gives me a sense of refreshment each time I read one of your posts. Your so full of energy, so bright and cheerful. You make me feel beautiful during those days that I feel the farthest thing from it. God bless you, darling. Keep on being you, your amazing at it. ;)


  10. Hey Jocee, so glad to hear that this is your home! The place where you can be you! 'cause lots of bloggers don't feel like they can be themselves on their blog. :) Another thing, if you love your life, then no one else has a better one than you! :)

  11. .....wow. you are BEAUTIFUL. Seriously, your eyes are like chocolate milk....which is totally a good thing, by the way. :)))))))

    and I love love LOVE this post. I feel exactly the same way, about not feeling like I belong anywhere else, except here on Blogger.

    keep on doing it, Jocee. You always make me feel happy and inspire me to be joyful.

    love you always,


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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