let's take a trip into the old days

listening: what i wouldn't do - a fine frenzy
quote love: "do you suppose television will ever reach our part of the country?" -circa 1950-59

the world never ceases to amaze me. we have the iPad 2, online satellites so we can virtually travel to anywhere in the world, and i think i heard something about the iPhone 5? and yet, i wish i was back in that time where people where unsure television would hit their part of the country {BAHAHA}. 
i would wear my hair like grace kelly and my favorite actresses would be lucille ball and elizabeth taylor. i'd be an i love lucy addict and i'd watch every new episode through the television store window, even though we had a perfectly good set at home. my dreamboat would be rock hudson and my favorite movies would be "gone with the wind" and "seven brides for seven brothers". 
my favorite singer would be frankie avalon my favorite song by him would be "these are the good times". everyday after school me and my best friends would go down to the shake shop and eat a sundae and learn the latest dance crazes, like the west coast swing, and the stroll and the foxtrot. i would tune into grace kelly's wedding to the prince on april 19th, 1956 and i'd go into hysterics about her wedding dress. 
lady gaga wouldn't exist, and i'd have a million shades of lipstick. make-up would be soft and only compliment the features already placed on women. and the men would wear tuxedos to breakfast. i'd take tap lessons like shirley temple and there'd be ice cream socials after church every sunday. there'd be formal dances and elvis presley would be the surprise guest and sing "love me tender" just to me.
i'd own a pastel convertible for everyday of the week.
(blythe blue, pale pink, sunshine yellow, sweet pea green, peach orange, lilac/lavendar purple, and ivory.) (and bold red because what's a set of cars without red, you know?)
so, excuse me if i'm gone for..60-something years...because i'm going back in time. anyone care to join me?
-kiss kiss kiss, hug kiss shabalabadingdong-
{pee ess: be excited, peoples! i know i'm excited.}
{pee pee ess: please check out this post. lily here has taken the words right out of my mouth, and she's inspired me to start a new blog series, all about love. more on that later. also, please check out this blog. cindi-darling is just starting out and could use some encouragement, so please comment and follow :)}
{pee pee pee ess: you can look at more *hilarious* quotes here.}
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  1. I LOVE this!!! Especially the part about Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And Rock Hudson. And I Love Lucy. And everything. I just love it :D
    ~Lauren :)

  2. LOVE THIS POST! I want to live in that era so bad. ;-; Can I come with you? I want to look pretty and wear dresses and lipstick every day!! DOWN WITH GAGA! xD
    My favorite movie would be White Christmas and Singin' in the Rain. I would have some kind of social at my house every day. and my house, oh goodness, my house. <3 I want to go find some Weeping Angles just so they can send me back to the 1950s.

  3. Oooh LOVE '50s glam!!! :) And 'I Love Lucy' is the bomb!! And 'the Dick Van Dyke Show'. :)

  4. can i come with you???????? also-- would you like to be part of a blog i'm working on? it's called starlit castle, and it's short stories by lots of different people. at the moment it's just me and my friend, and we don't have any posts, but its going to be supercool, and i would be totally honored if you would be a part of it, as you're so incredibly talented.

    if you're interested, please check it out : http://starlitcastle.blogspot.com/

  5. ahhh gotta love the 50's era.
    Things were so much simpler.

  6. Wow. Love this so much! It's kind of funny because I just went to painting class today, sketched drawings like the ones you posted, and my friend drew Grace Kelly. Oh, and yes, I will come with you. Gladly. This is my wish pretty much every day of the week. I want to wear the clothes, listen to the records, and have milkshakes with my friends after school. There is something so beautiful about this time period. An innocence in their eyes that today's culture can not compare to. Well, anywho, g r e a t post!!!

    Love, cupcakes and autumn leaves,


  7. YES!!!!! It sounds so wonderful!!!! :))

  8. shabalabadingdong to you too! :3


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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