finalists of sorts

here i am, at 11:22pm, when i'm supposed to be asleep, writing this post which will publish at 3am, and i shall wake up to find it nesting on my blog site, and i shall smile in its success. as you can see, i really need to go to sleep. 

tomorrow {or today, when you'll be reading this} is to be filled with shopping, eating, drinking, and of sorts. grandma is picking joy and i up and we're heading off to the domain {a local shopping outlet/mini-city} and we'll return with parcels from various stores and leftovers from california pizza kitchen. needless to say, this shall be lovely day. rhyming. okay, then. 

here are le finalists, in no particular order ::
acacia :: capture life
i don't know why i love this picture so much. maybe it's the shoes themselves. or the way they tie-in with the pavement. something about it just makes me smile. 

for some reason, this reminds me of something taken at the beach, with a film camera; a girl on an adventure with her closest friends. a memory that didn't want to be forgotten. captivating. 

bethy :: bethiquette
i admit it, i've always had a soft spot for pointe shoes. {i wanted to be a prima ballerina when i was little} but pointe shoes + books? that's the icing on the cupcake. and the colors just seem to draw me in. i can imagine millions of things with these feet. 

i love how this is staged. so creative. are we decorating something? just playing around, perhaps? an exciting discovery? whatever the case, i am undoubtedly in love.

hayley :: oh, snap!
it's pink socks + a mustache, and that's all i have to say. 

if you'll excuse me whilst i turn in and dream of peter pevensie. 
-kiss kiss kiss, hug baby lotion-


  1. Thanks Jocee!!! All the finalists are great!! How will you ever decide.
    Although I just wanted to check, Did it have to be OUR feet?? Cause' there my sisters feet.
    I hope it still counts!!!
    I read the rules and it just said the picture must be taken by me.
    Beth xoxo
    P.S Oh, and I'm a night owl too!!

  2. my goodness... i'm a FINALIST?! {ecstatically jumps up and down and hugs laptop} Oh my cotton socks. I'm very excited. :P

    xooxx Acacia

  3. Ok I'm definitely in love with those mustache socks <3 <3 <3

  4. The pointe shoes picture is gorgeous!!!

  5. I am in love with Cindi's!! So darn cute!

  6. I really like the second one...but honestly, I'm in love with all of them!:)

  7. sounds like you will be having a lovely day! Such pretty pictures from the finalists. I have to admit, though, I like gracie's the best. ;)

  8. I need a pair of moustache socks...

  9. OMGOSH! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mustache socks! ADORABLE! I. want. those. now.

  10. mustache socks <3
    i like gracie's too! they're all so cool!

  11. Oh you should do this again (the picture thing) i absolutely love seeing what people do :)

  12. Oh wow those photos are awesome! Good job to those people (:

  13. I love all of these pictures! Oh, and I must find me some moustache socks... :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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