shoes; feet; socks // winners

this was undoubtedly my most favorite photo challenge yet. i think i'm going to be doing more of this sort.
the way this photo challenge is ending will be a little bit different, and so, please bear with me.
:: and the winners are ::

second place:
miss bethy // bethiquette

and because i just couldn't choose, first places goes to these two lovely ladies:
gracie-darlin' // lollipops + cupcakes and:
hayley-dearheart // oh, snap! 

and now, nikon d3100 or canon rebel t3i? my decision skills are those of lucy ricardo.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug lamination-
{pee ess: cupcake post tomorrow :D}


  1. Please do have more photo competitions! You come up with really good themes! :) xx

  2. Congratulations everyone!!!!!!! Those pictures are gorgeous!!! :))))))

  3. i admit, these photos deserve to win! they're incandescently lovely. i pick mustache socks as the winwin... no, maybe gracie's photo! oh, i don't know. now i know how you feel with trying to pick a winner.
    anyhow, go blog browsing and notice what photos you like best out of all the blogs you visit. do you like the way carlotta's pictures turn out? she uses a Nikon d3000. Do you like the way hannah's (@aspire) pictures turn out? She uses a Canon t2i. That's what I find helps. :)
    xoxo Acacia (ahh cass ee ahh)

  4. Congrats winners! These are all fabulous photos.:)

  5. this was an awesome photo challenge- congratulations winners!

    AND CANONCANONCANONCANONCANON!! But I'm a canon user... so I might be just a little bit partial... :)

  6. GAH! I loved this photo challenge!!:D :D Yay to the winners! And oh-such-lovely-happiness! Canons are beast but so is the Nikon. I kind of have this thing for Canon though, ya know.:)
    Anyhoo...I totally apologize for my absence lately, darling dearest. Forgive me? Thanks, your a peach.♥
    Love ya!

  7. Thankyou!!
    Canon. Canon. Canon. They are just better.
    Beth xx

  8. Canon because my friend has one and I steal it all the time and it's awesome :)
    but my DSLR is a Pentax. so I don't realllly know.

  9. Yes please. I love your photo challenges, they're so fun. :) Thanks for first place, it made me feel so special. :3 And I'd say Canon... maybe because those are the only kind of cameras I use, but I love them a lot.

  10. OMGracious! All of these are so very cute! You've got to do another; I'd love to jump in (:

  11. awesome photos! and its SO hard to decide between a Canon and Nikon! I think it comes down to your choice or just drawing one from a hat ;) I've heard fabulous things about both!

    much love♥


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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