someone buy me a plane ticket

yesterday was quite a successful day. it started with cereal and warm milk, reading with joy, and then shopping with grandma sugar. a fun time, of course. the main reason of the trip was to get a suit for me and a winter coat for joy, but it escalated into a suit, a birthday dress, a winter coat + dress, california pizza kitchen, new shoes for the little'n, a watch + hat at charming charlie's, and a frosted cupcake candle all in one sitting. needless to say, i am incandescently happy.
when i'm walking down the street with parcels in both hands {which is a very rare occasion} i find myself daydreaming. thinking about the world beyond my normalities. canada, the caribbean, england, alaska, spain, paris. oh how i long to go. my words cannot express.

i've been in the same place all my life. the same state, town, neighborhood, house. i can predict the same things every year, because it seems that we've fallen into a spell. a spell of tradition. though tradition is a beautiful thing, sometimes it just needs some changing. in texas, the spring + summer are blindingly hot. then in october the weather cools, and in november + december, january + february, it gets unnaturally cold. and then it starts warming up again. we rarely get snow.

i love my home. truly. but to be in an environment where only adventure is your friend. where new aromas fill your nostrils and you follow them as though they are your greatest passion. a cavern does not go unexplored. this is the beauty of travel. and i feel a sense of nostalgia for something i've never done.

what do you long to do?
-kiss kiss kiss, hug noah calhoun-
{pee ess: in other news, i have decided to start offering free blog designs for people. no new website, or anything like that. just a little bit of impromptu fun. anyone looking for a new design?}
{pee pee ess: also, i'm working on a project with some lovely people. to be excited would be an understatement.}
{pee pee ess: saw the notebook last night. cried like a baby. also, it's acacia's 15th birthday today. you guys should go virtually sing to her.}


  1. This is so me...I mean, I have been to Ethiopia, but that was different. I would love to travel. I even told my mom today that I REALLY want to go to Texas... :)

  2. True dat jocee..
    We long to explore, to adventure into the "great unknown" (well at least to us:))

  3. I'm looking into a new blog design, but only if you have the time of course :)

    It would be for my blog over at http://jesuschick13.blogspot.com/

    You can contact me, again, only if you are not busy, at topdog11@bellsouth.net

  4. change is good sometimes, no? This is lovely, by the way.

  5. haha. lovely. I'd love a cute design by you!

    just email me!

  6. yeah, i know the feeling. i've been in the same small town for 6 years, and i love it here, but i want to see more of the world.


    p.s. i always look forward to you posts on my feed!

  7. Charmin' Chariles is such a cute shop! I love how everything is orginized by color! <3

  8. I think inside each of us is a desire to explore, to check out out the new and the unknown. :) I hope you do get your wish someday, and maybe travel around the world, or to London and Paris and Greece :)

  9. i'm considering a change for my blog, and since i know you already do a great job...*bats eyelashes*

    i adore your blog every time i come here. you're a darling, and i love you

  10. I've been to Canada and Alaska FOR REALS!!!! To England in my dreams. :) Oh and Spain and Paris in my dreams, too. ;)


  11. so yesterday, i went out for pizza, and our waiter looked EXACTLY like noah from the notebook. like really.

    loved this post :)

  12. here's a sad fact of life: no matter how many new places you go, there will always be more places to go. and until you find a place that you fall in love with 100%, you'll just have to keep going. (in my experience at least, and I've been a lot of different places.)

  13. I wanna go... to the north pole. :) or to England... or Ireland... or anywhere. Me hearts traveling <3 beeyooteefull post Jocee!

  14. I feel the same way sometimes. After a while, things just start to seem so routine. Especially in those months where there's no holidays to look forward to. I agree, sometimes all you need is to mix things up a bit. Hope you find some adventures within your state you've never left. <3

  15. i would LOVE to go to New Zealand and see the mountains, walk the streets of Wellington, and explore the hills and valleys that are "Middle Earth". Someday....

  16. I so love Charming Charlies:)<3<3<3

  17. Oh, I want to travel all over the world, too!!!!!

    And THANK YOU for saying that it gets cold in Texas. All of my friends say it doesn't get cold. But it does. In the months you mention. You're my favorite now. <3

  18. Oh and...
    IF you have time, i am in *desperate* need of a new design!

  19. What a sweet post! I'm definitely looking for a new blog design! I'm pretty new to the blogging world, and am still getting everything figured out, so I could really use some help! You can email me at emfx97@gmail.com. I'm sure that lots of other people are wanting you to help them to, so only do this if you have time! Thanks so much!

  20. i have wanted to travel the world and have all these adventures for a long time. tell you what, i'll scrounge up some cash to buy us tickets and i'll meet you at the dallas airport ;) venice, paris, england, spain....c'mon, the world is awaiting our beautiful faces :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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