dear to me

there are some things you can't remember doing. like taking your first steps. saying your first word. i only remember one thing from my younger days: calling my grandma on the phone and telling her i received three things in the mail that day. my! she said. you're rich! three things? wow. i was three years old then. i am nearly fifteen now.

for as long as my memory allows, i've loved cupcakes. many of my friends and loved ones have noticed the glow in my eyes as i'd see one. oh, hello there. you're looking good today. and it'd be gone in a split second. it wasn't just the taste that attracted me to them. warm, moist, nearly melts in your mouth. the texture of the frosting. the slight crunch of the sprinkles. or the sight. delicate. enchanting. there was something else.
i can remember alot of things. a conversation that took place between me and a friend. time of day, place. subject. it'll come back to me as though it just happened. i don't eat cupcakes as much as everyone thinks. if i did i'd be the size of a hippopotamus. but when i do, i always remember being happy. i don't recall eating them when i was grouchy or upset. i always had a smile on my face. always.

everyone has something they're fond of. if they are upset, tea can calm them down. if they are depressed, doctor who is always a laugh-machine. for me, when i am in any other mood than i am supposed to be in, sometimes, someone hands me a cupcake. here you go. it's like they're handing me a smile on a plate and saying be happy. and my face immediately lights up.
so, in honor of these pretties, be happy.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug a spiral notebook-
{pee ess: hello, december. how nice to see you again. it's been a long time. can i offer you a cup of tea?}
{pee pee ess: 11 days until fifteen. getting excited.}


  1. GIVE ME THOSE CUPCAKES! please? Beautiful post, Dearie. :)) OH and happy birthday in 11 days! :))) Haha.


  2. This post made me giggle! As big as a hippopotamus indeed you would be, but aren't;)
    Have a wonderful December and happy birthday a little early!!!

  3. Oh! Those cupcakes look so yummy. =) Although I don't make them much, I enjoy a good cupcake to satisfy my occasional sweet tooth. ;D

    Happy birthday, Jocee! I hope you have an awesome fifteenth birthday. =)

    BTW: your header is lovely.

  4. This post made me happy. :) Happy early birthday, 15 is such a great age. :D

  5. Hey there Jocee,

    My blog got deleted. Long story. But, I have a new one, if you want to follow, kelseysdaydream.blogspot.com

    with cupcakes and dorkiness,

  6. those cupcakes look so good.
    happy early birthday!
    {p.s. isn't it about time for a peter pevensie post?(;}

  7. mmm, i liked this. And the last picture... Oh my gosh, that bokeh is so yummy!! The cupcake looks yummy, too. :) Have a lovely day!



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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