easily forgotten

i like little things. the way joy scrunches up her nose when she's trying to pronounce a new word. the aroma of vanilla bean and frosting after the candle has been blown out. the little puffettes of smoke, billowing for someone small. 
vinyl records found in wooden bins of high school memories from the past century. yearbooks. old time hairdos. goodness gracious. 

i think that life today is too staged. precious moments are brushed away because they are too simple and too common. thrown away. easily forgotten. playing your Christmas piece for the umpteenth time and getting it right without any mistakes. walking outside to chirping birds and a cool gust of wind. sitting on the porch drawing the oak tree that sits in your neighbors front yard. discovering you're quite good at painting. 

the moments that make life worth living. deleted because the makeup wasn't correct or the lighting malfunctioned. 

when your cupcake kit arrives in the mail just in time. and wreck this journal following suit. picking out various ribbons to hang the records on the ceiling. choosing from a menagerie of acrylic paints of nearly every color you could think of. variations of yellow, blue, green, and orange. purple and red and even white. painting unfinished wood frames with a mesh-like brush. beethoven's moonlight sonata while reading for school. choosing your topic for a paper. cupcakes, obviously. 

these are moments that are easily forgotten. we experience them and then go on about our lives, hoping for something phenomenal and unheard of. and yet it was right before us. it just happened prior to now.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug the word 'schedule'-
{pee ess: spruced up some designs. here, here + here. lookit.}


  1. This post makes me sigh out loud <3 You are positively amazing at writing, my dear

  2. i love what you did to my blog! it looks so gorgeous!

    also, i love this post. Christmas rings like this in my heart. <3 and i want a "wreck this journal," too.

  3. That was an absolutely amazing post!

  4. Great post! And such beautiful designs!

  5. Beautiful. I love all the moments you've described. :)

  6. I love this post. I totally agree... I always try to take things slow and appreciate the littler things that really make me smile and not get hung up on things that may seem important, but really aren't in the grand scheme of things!

  7. *Sighhh* Such a sweet post. I love the way your personality shows through your writing (is that creepy??)And did you take that candle pic? Because i love that, too.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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