"A comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth. Instead of its bringing sad and melancholy prospects of decay, it would give us hopes of eternal youth in a better world." - Maurice Chevalier

0 days until fifteen. 365 days if you want to put it in a different perspective. my birthday is a privilege for me. watching as everyone else's turn passes by and then reaching the day that was meant for me and only me. 

i awoke to a hazy fog and a cloudy sky, but i don't mind. i enjoy cloudy, rainy days. days where i can write, and think, and be accompanied by my own thoughts and imaginations. our family ho-ho-ho quilt was draped over my shoulders, and most of my head, and my toes kicked off the socks that covered them the whole night. sounds of happy birthday filled my ears and i opened my eyes to little sister and mommy with a tray of hashbrowns, bacon and eggs and a tall glass of orange juice. i sit up, thank them and joy watches me eat, and i proceed to check audrey for my interwebly social updates. i think i am obsessed with her. 

last night, i had my birthday party. we brought over the record player from grandma's house, and the friends started piling in. crafting and excessive amounts of glitter and chocolate-chip-cookie-dough ice cream was surely the icing on the cupcake. anthropologie gift cards and things that smell nice were the sprinkles, and then the tasting bite. a few things to cross off my "Christmas/Birthday list". 

fifteen is an age that opens up so many doors. learning to drive, preparation for college. one step closer to becoming an adult. and as much and i want to grow up, i can't help but look back at the times where i was younger, and how i thought this day would never come, but now that it's here, i don't know what to say. there is a sense of nostalgia that also comes with birthdays. the opening up of presents and the thanking parents and grandparents and the lighting of the candles. an age is ending and a new one is taking its place. literally. 

roses from mommy + daddy. 
fourteen has been good to me. i was fourteen when i started this blog. and now that i'm fifteen, and going on the first year anniversary of cupcake dictionary, i'm positively, excruciatingly excited. 

happy birthday to me. 
-kiss kiss kiss, hug charming charlie-


  1. i wish you the happiest of all happy birthdays!!

    i love birthdays, too. mine is in february. i'll be 14. :)


  2. happy, happy, happy birthday sweetpea! hope you had a wonderful day.
    enjoy being 15, it's a beautiful age.

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl! 15 has been one of my favorite years :)

  4. jocee, saying happy bithday isn't enough. you deserve happy birthday times infinity. seriously.

    love you soo much and have a blessedblessedhappywonderfulsunnybrightgoshbubblesfunloverly bithday.
    xoxo Your internet sis,


  5. I was expecting this post. ;)
    Happy Birthday, dear Jocee!! Thanks so much for your happy blog posts, you are a very special cupcake on this earth. ;) Have the BEST day EVER!!


  6. Happy-happy of the happiest birthdays to the beautiful-est, loveliest and wonderful-est darling on the face of the planet!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU, DEAREST! I'm going to watch William interviews, eat cupcakes and wear Oxfords all in honor of a very special day concerning a very special somebody today!!:D :D

    Expect some emails from me tonight after I get home:)))

  7. Happppy Birrthhday Joceeee!!!! :D

  8. Happy Birthday Jocee!!! Enjoy your day and your 15!! :)

  9. Happy birthday, Jocee! I hope you have one great day! :)


  10. Happy Birthday Jocee!! I hope your day is WONDERFUL!! I would make a little name poem for you...but that might seem childish ;) Oh, what the hey!

    Cupcakes! Also, caring


  11. Happy Birthday Jocee! May the new year of life brings many smiles and laughs :) And more cupcakes right? Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  12. Happy Birthday, Jocee dear! :)
    Wishing you the bestest one ever!
    I'm fourteen-going-on-fifteen, and since I was younger, I thought fifteen was the coolest age ever! I have always wanted to be fifteen. ;)
    ...so, congratulations on being my coveted age. :)

  13. Happy Birthday dear one! I have truly loved reading your blog! You are such an inspiration!! <3

  14. h
    happy b
    happy bi
    happy bir
    happy birt
    happy birth
    happy birthd
    happy birthda
    happy birthday j
    happy birthday jo
    happy birthday joc
    happy birthday joce
    happy birthday jocee
    happy birthday jocee!

    *showers cupcakes*

  15. hello fellow William Moseley/Peter Pevensie and Narnia lover :).... i found your blog by googling "William Moseley" and i love it, your blog, that is... if you want to, you can check out my blog at star-someday.blogspot.com
    have a great day :D

  16. happy birthday to one of my favoritest bloggers ever!
    your friends and family sound so sweet, and i hope the rest of the day and your year is just as great :)

    also, i had a dream that we went to swim practice together. that might have been a dream on the way to swim practice. because i don't tend to be very awake in the mornings.

    haaaapppy birtthdayy to yoouuu! ♫

  17. Happy 15th Birthday Jocee! Hope that this year is the best one yet, filled with lots of suprises and adventures and fun! :)

  18. Happy happy birthday from all of us to you! We wish you a happy birthday and hope all your dreams come true!

  19. Happy birthday, dearest Jocee! :) Have a loverly birthday week.

  20. Happy birthday, darling! Yes, fifteen is a splendid age. Make the most of this new year, and enjoy every moment!


  21. Dearest Jocee,

    I hope that your fifteenth year will, indeed, be one "that opens up so many doors."

    Every time I visit your blog, there's some reason for me to smile or laugh. You're fantastic, and you inspire me.

    Happy birthday!

    Lots (and lots and lots and lots) of love, with a cupcake thrown in,

  22. Happy birthday, you wonderful girl!

    Also, Charming Charlie = ♥.

  23. i'm saying happy birthday to oyou again because you're just that special. xxx

  24. Happy birthday girly!!! :D I hope you had the best birthday ever! + that your birthday party was a smash hit (cause it sounds like it was pretty spiffy. :)) How's it feel to be 15!? :D


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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