cat on the porch

i have a bookcase that holds all of my school materials. there's a fold-down desk that houses my laptop, and i'm sitting in the same dining room chair everyday, poring over my academics. occasionally i get up for piano and a snack, but mostly it's just me and the desk.
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in my school area, i can see the patterns of the day. sunrise, peak, and sunset, and all the colors that they hold. on a cloudy day, i watch the shapes differentiate and darken, and i can see the drops of rain. the thunder encases me, and the lightning gives an unnatural whiteness to the sky. it's my own personal theater. and the movie is continuous.

on some days, no matter the weather, a cat finds its way to the porch. our porch {the only porch in our cul-de-sac} stretches across the front of the house, except for the left side that is reserved for garage space. there's a growing set of bushes in front of the picket sort of fence, which provides shelter in all types of days. there have been an abundance of tom-cats and bell-cats and even saffron-cats that have crossed my little haven. and they look up to the window to see if i am there. i almost always am.
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but very recently, only one cat has come onto the porch. it's a gray-brown color, with dark eyes that may or may not be blue, and it's not quite an adult, but not a kitten either. it's somewhere in between. a teenager-cat! it doesn't have a home as far as i know, or it could be one of the neighbors cats from just across the way. an outdoor cat, maybe. but since i don't know it's background, i have taken it upon myself to become distant friends with the cat. i call it dave if it's a boy and doris if it's a girl. we haven't really had much of a conversation, because i'm doing all the talking, but i want to know more about it.

the same can go with people. i find myself staring at them all the time. in the car. who are you? what's your story? at the store. how are you feeling? are you being treated okay? but i never get an answer. however, i have found some people and animals who have looked at me the same way, too.

dave or doris looks at me the same. so far i haven't gotten an answer from him, but i am going to keep trying for a measly meow, because i find that dave or doris and i are sort of like kinds.

do you have a cat on your porch?
-kiss kiss kiss, countesses of grantham-


  1. aw, that kitty is so sweet! we don't get many cats on our porch -- they are to scared of our pitbull ;)

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. you picked great photos to match your post. The way you word things is so beautiful :)

  3. Yes, we have 4 cats on our porch. But they're by no means strangers. ;)

    I love this post. <3

  4. Yes, I do in fact. And sometimes my neighbor's cat comes and eats my cat's food. Oh yes, he does. But still, wonderful post (:

  5. I've been feeling the same way! I've been looking at people and studying them and wondering what is their story? Lovely post, Jocee!

  6. Personally I hate cats. Sorry!
    Glad your the countess of Grantham though.
    Beth xx

  7. Ok now I'm envious. I have developed a curren obsession with kittens. And we never get or see any. It makes me sad :( but I also dream about when I'm older and how I'll have tons of cats then. Which is weird, but it facinated me so much I dedicated a post to it:) anywho, I need to stop rambling off on non related topics, great post!
    Oh and I totally do that to people all the time. I think it scares them ;)



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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