just little things {72-94}

072. finding money in your jeans pocket.
073. the haze of foggy mornings. 
074. his laugh. 
075. his everything, really. 
076. finally finding your perfect sleeping position. 
077. when your hands gradually get warmer after you touch something cold. 
078. checking out a brand new library book. 
079. standing in between two mirrors and watching yourself go on forever. 
080. when you're the first person there. 
081. when someone tells you you look pretty. 
082. watching your siblings make new friends. 
083. saturday morning cartoons with cereal. 
084. catching him staring at you.
085. realizing you can sleep in. 
086. twirling your hair. 
087. the feeling when you get something you really want. 
088. when the streetlights come on at night. 
089. hearing two strangers talking about something you adore. 
090. looking back at how far you've come.
091. babies smiling in their sleep. 
092. when you discover a talent you never thought you had. 
093. when the morning light comes and you're both safe & sound. 
094. when the dandelion seeds fly.

joy's asleep on the couch. i just ate a breakfast of grits, sausage and eggs, and it is now time for piano practice. i really like this quote: 
"i enjoy looking at beautiful people, and i decided awhile ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence." -augustus waters, the fault in our stars, john green.
but i really love the book. and speaking of littler things, go check out an ordinary utopia. you're guaranteed to fall in love.

-kiss kiss kiss, peeta peeta peeta-
{pea ess: ask me a question. i love those things.}


  1. love all of them. and now I'm starving for grits! I love them! an ordinary utopia=awesome! seriously! i'm so excited for more of ya'll's posts. :D

  2. Finding money in your jeans pocket.

    Oh yes.

    I recently found $20 that I had hidden in my purse...didn't know I had it, until I went to buy a Mocha Joe at Burger King..and then I went, EUREKA! I'm rich!

    And listening to strangers talking about something you adore. So hard not to jump right in, isn't it?

  3. Babies smiling in their sleep, when you discover a talent you never thought you had, when someone tells you you look pretty. I love these things! Beautiful post.

  4. P.S Thanks for all of the help you have been to me Jocee. I really appreciate it. I just hope that my blog can be as great as yours someday. (I'm still learning about the blogging ways)


  5. just went and visited an ordinary utopia, but had to come back and say... you are really good at identifying the little things in life -- the things that make my toes tickle and my heart go all fuzzy. so thanks for these kinds of posts :D

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  6. i love your little list, it's so true :)

  7. um, what a cute little list. and what a pretty space you have here!

  8. 74, 75, and 84 apply to my past few days...sigh. But, I really love all of these.
    p.s. Can I just say that I love you? I love how stinkin' real you are on your blog!! :)

  9. That TFIOS quote is one of my favorites. So true. <3

  10. peeta..peeta..peeta..*faint from gorgeousness. but yes, these all are so truthful!

  11. it's always nice to notice the little things :) xo

  12. peeta? yes. yes. and yes.
    Finished that second book yet? It's amazing, no?
    foggy mornings? definitely.

  13. such beautiful things to remember! loved the post, jocee : )
    Holly <3

  14. hey! do you mind if i copy the idea of "just little things?" and how did you get the "comments are the icing on the cupcake" under your post??? :)

    thankyouthankyouthankyou :D


  15. omigosh...really, I think most people have the same mind set and thoughts. I LOVE it when I realize I can sleep in. :) And finally finding the perfect sleeping position, too. Really, I agree with all of them. :)
    Thanks for the post

  16. Did number 93 come from the Taylor Swift's song for the Hunger Games? That's part of the song's chorus.

    Love your blog!!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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