another britishly.

before i start, i'd like to point out that i've been putting alot more periods at the end of my post titles. that's it. 
so, we're at the long center for the second day of america's got talent, last showing. it's mommy, two friends and i, and we're on the ground level near the volunteer lounge, waiting to be assigned. and we see this really tall person walk out of the elevator, with really curly/frizzy black hair. and then we see someone considerably shorter than him, with fiery red hair, and then we see an average height person, with no hair.

that's right. sharon osbourne, howie mandel, and the new judge: howard stern. and i met all of them. hello's from all three, smiles from sharon and howie, and a fist bump from howie, because howie hates germs. but that's besides the point. 

the point is, after the judges went to wherever they went, i heard someone speak, and when he spoke, he didn't sound American. so i asked him where he was from. and he said London. and i freaked out.

remember this post? that sort of thing happened today. he said that i should eat pizza in naples, italy, try to find french fries in france, and have sunday roast and yorkshire pudding and spotted dick {i promise it's food, and i promise it's British. google it with dessert} and cadbury chocolate and black pudding, which i don't think i'm going to have any of. 
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i have found my advocate for traveling the world. he even demanded that mommy should get me a passport! i see alot of baking/eating/traveling in my future. and British people? they know how to sport some mean oxfords.

america's got talent? oh yeah. it was amazing. you won't be able to contain yourself in may.
-kiss kiss kiss, eric & olivia-
{pea ess: listen to the above. fall in love. also, i can draw a perfect nose.}
{pea ess: five days until the hunger games.}


  1. wow. you fist-bumped howie mandel?? that's epic.
    hey, can you teach me how to draw a perfect nose? :-D


  2. Oh my goodness how exciting you are so absolutly lucky! I want to go to France too!!!

  3. British people rock. (Well, their accents do anyway) <3

  4. That's so COOL, >(.".)< Jocee >(.".)< !!!!!!!!!!!! You meet them? SWEET! Hope you get a passport. And is that cake on a stick, covered in chcoclate? If it is or if it's not, I want one!!
    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

  5. whatever that picture is of looks AMAZING!! i wanna gobble it up. :)
    and oh yeah, fist bump for awesome possum Brits!!! someday, someday, i'm going to hug a real live Brit. :)


  6. girlie - it's Cadbury.
    I was talking to my British friend today and she was trying to put on an American accent - which was, as one may presume, EPPPICCC.

    (sorry, I just had to say that. British putting on American accents? OH yes.)

  7. I've been putting periods at the end of my posts a lot too! afhddjakfneiafdkl. :)

    Oh, and you and me. Yeah, we should go to London together and eat much food. because moi likes foreign deserts. :3

  8. Were there any good acts in the last show?
    No fair you and my little sister get to meet everyone.:(


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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