bad teenager.

the adults all stray from it. talking about the teenage years. and when they do talk about teenagers, they always have something negative to say. some of the time they're wrong, and some of the time i just don't have the heart to blame them. in their day, being a teenager was all different. but why close themselves off from the rest of the younger generation? what happened that was so bad?

yesterday was one of those days... started out fine, but didn't end fine. when it happened, i was shaking. shaking so hard that my face turned hot and i thought i was going to burst into flames. i don't want to get into what happened, but let's just say i screwed things up again. and i might have lost a very good friend.

all the best and worst things seem to happen during the teenage years. when the good happens, there's a rush of triumph, and everyone know who you are and how great you are, and you relive that moment because you don't want it to go away. but the bad? when the bad happens, you want to sink into the ground and disappear; find a way to escape the scowling faces that were all turned on you. you try and forget, but you keep reliving it. and it doesn't make it any better. it just hurts more.

have you ever noticed time rushes past you as a child, then screeches to a halt when you're in that transition called being a teenager? have you ever felt it? still feel it? it's happening to me. going by so slowly and i want it to stop. like i'm living in slow motion, and when bad things happen, it just seems to go even slower.

i'm amazed at myself. i'm only fifteen and yet i've messed up so many times. i talked to God about it, and He forgives me, and i'm ready to get back up again. i think i was going to do a wordless wednesday cupcake post, but obviously i didn't, so here's a pretty cupcake for you dearies:
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if you've gotten this far, thanks. if not, then thanks to you, too.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug the mad hatter-
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  1. Jocee - thank you SOOO much. Seriously, I cannot express how much I love to read your blog because I know that it's always you and your life is real and you're not afraid to tell people that. but i know exactly what you mean about the teenage years. it feels so slow, but so fast all at the same time.

  2. I love this thought that you had:

    "all the best and worst things seem to happen during the teenage years."

    So true, Jocee! I've had some of the most amazingly wonderfully perfect things happen in my teen years so far! But I've also had to most rotten days as well. We tend to go to extremes and, maybe, by the time we're all adults, we'll find the happy medium. :-)

    I'm sorry that you had such a hard day yesterday and I hope that you day is hundreds of times better! (hug)


  3. i understand exactly how feel. unfortunately, i can't say anything except that you just have to get through it all the best you know how. it was this way for me until about a month ago--and even now it's only slightly better. i know this isn't much encouragement, and i'm sorry about that. but we all have to go through these things in order to learn, mature, and soak up the experiences to give to and understand the generations after us. you know, i think that's why people don't have much respect for teenagers anymore. because they don't remember what it was like for themselves at our age. maybe this is something that you have to experience so that you can do to future generation what the previous generations are failing to do: understand. small word, huge impact. but anyway, don't worry. like all things, this too will pass. you just have to give all your troubles to God and let yourself relax and not worry about things you honestly have zero control over. things will get better, just wait :)

  4. I hate those days. those days when I feel like I've screwed everything up, so the world may as well end, and i also kind of want it to. but hey, the teen years go by faster than you think ;) hang in there.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  5. Amen, sister. Thank you SO much for reminding me of this. It's just what I need to hear.

  6. Aw, yeah, seems like when you're a teenager we have "the best of times, it was the worst of times." Keep your head up, deary, and HE is always there to comfort and support you {as all of your blog readers are too! ;)}

    >>----> come stop for tea {and a cupcake} @ gracesgardenwalk.blogspot.com

  7. I so agree with you deary. ;) (btw, you know I wanna sponsor you. hahaha. )

  8. This is so true, Jocee. One of the things I hate most about being a teenager is the mood swings... but coming from a newly-seventeen-year-old girl, don't rush these years too much - it might seem like they're moving slowly, but you'll be all grown up before you know it.

  9. Teenagerhood = Wonderful, Scary, Horrible, Stupid, Annoying and Complicated. :p

  10. Ah, being a teenager. Not THE BEST time in our lives. But a lot of exciting things do happen during this period of time.

    "Keep calm, and carry on" Replay that mantra in your head when you're going through a tough time. It helps. :D

    p.s I would be interested in sponsoring! :)

  11. That is how the transition feels. It came to me that a big reason for this may be that when we have to feel every consequence of our choices, it gives us an opportunity to take responsibility, which is something we must learn now before the adult years when our decisions will become increasingly daunting. Taking responsibility for our actions and their consequences is true power, true moving force, and real maturity. Many skip this lesson during these teen years, not realizing what they must learn. There's usually something or someone to hide behind.

    accept the mis-takes, love the lessons, and forgive yourself so light can truly move through you,

  12. Also, what exactly is a sponsor, and what does it entail?

  13. Oh Jocee, I 100% understand where you're coming from. Getting in arguments that may make you lose friends is tough, but it has to happen, and it's all a part of growing up! Hope everything turns out though! :)

  14. I hope everything turns out good! The teen years are really hard...


  15. I tagged ya over at my blog :)

  16. Hey Jocee!
    this same exact thing happened to me yesterday and today. Lots of friend drama that I stupidly asked for, and i regret that so much. I'm only 14 and i completely understand everything you're talking about in this post. :)

    Love your blog!

    Chloe Grace

  17. You know, my teenage years consisted of the 8th and 9th grade...and then a falling out with my group of friends was basically the end of that, and I found my best friend to be my 30 year old aunt! I always laugh about it, because really, I feel like I skipped my teenage years, in a way :P But it's so true, friends are a *tough* one. Because even if you aren't much of a teenager yourself, any school friends will still be...And believe me, I know it. But it truly, honestly does get better. When I had that falling out with my friends in my freshman year, I thought I was going to *die*. It was so, so bad. I was pretty much in a pit of depression for about a year afterwards. It was what that entire school year was based around, and it was awful. But now, years later, I look back and praise the Lord for leading me away from those people...because since being parted from them, I've drawn SO much closer to Him!! And the pain of it all is truly just a distant memory. I hope your situation isn't completely unmendable, as mine seemed to be...and I will keep you in my prayers. Being a teenager, and a girl no less, can be so difficult, especially when it comes to friends. But be encouraged: the Lord has a plan, always.
    Love always,
    Lauren :)

  18. i'm sorry for you, jocee!
    inspiring post any way : )
    -Holly <3

  19. i know i know i know.
    and we're not alone so i think we'll be okay.

  20. Sorry to hear you had such a hard day...those days seem to be pretty prevalent during the teenage years, for me at least. And knowing they're caused by emotions for some reason doesn't make it any easier :) But we have a big God who helps us through the valleys and rejoices with us on the mountains. Always keep trusting in Him for strength and He will see you through.


  21. It's a funny, awkward wonderful transition from being a child to being an adult. And I know it's frustrating too.
    Believe me, I was a "bad teen" for most of my early teenage years. (I'm an old seventeen now).
    Remember slumping in the passenger seat of my Dad's car when I was 15 asking him if there was anything good about being a teenager. Cause it's not obvious sometimes.

    Hold on though. It gets better. Hope things mend up with your friend.

  22. aw, sorry about your day :( But I have something that might cheer you up! I tagged you in my Hunger Games tag!



  23. I know what you mean, I'm 16. Though our teen years won't last forever, so we'll most likely grow out of our extreme emotions and 'end-of-the-world feelings'. Hang in there Jocee! :)

  24. Dude, I'm on the same boat. 16 and it sure ain't better! (;


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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