it's mondays like yesterday that i don't mind.

it was perfect. simply perfect. i don't think that i can stop smiling. for the past few days, i've been sort of busy. formal gown shopping and shoe shopping and all-around shopping in general, church, america's got talent, academics, almost breaking my pinky finger {i'm okay, it's' not broken}, and more shopping. but yesterday, i think all of these things paid off. and i have concluded that i just can't stop smiling.
i think it started when i realized that the little green buds on our maple tree were almost full grown, and overflowing on the branches. i had a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, and potatoes, and a tall glass of orange juice. academics went by quickly, and grandma arrived to take mommy and i shopping. before we left, this happened:
i ran around the house swooning for about twenty minutes.

we left for the stores, returning with a champagne pair of shoes, two new dresses, makeup, and by request, we stopped by anthropologie on the way out. i nearly cried, it's so beautiful in their, and it smells like flowers and woodsy picnics. you'll never guess what i walked out with, and i'm reading it now:
there was pizza for dinner, peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream for dessert, and a few hours spent at grandma's house afterwards. it's mondays like yesterday that i don't mind. happy spring, all.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug sprinkles-
{pea ess: three days until the hunger games. i die. i die.}


  1. He tweeted you back!!!! Excuse my overusage of exclamation points, but I feel like the moment calls for it. That is SO AWESOME. Congratulations to you, dear!

  2. That's so cool!
    THREE days til the Huger Games! SO excited!

    eve @ essence of eve

  3. he tweeted you back?! wow! congrats! hope he writes you back ;)
    three days. oh my gawwwwwwwwsh...
    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  4. wow. that's like the most perfect monday ever. my mouth was hanging open at the fact that william moseley tweeted you AND gave you an address-that's epic! :D

  5. That so cool about the sighing. Also, You die???? I dont understand! Don't die! I LOVE your blog, >(.".)< Jocee >(.".)< ! Hungar Games YAY!! (ecexpt that Rue died :'(
    =^..^= Hunter =^..^=

  6. oh my wordy. from william moseley? as in the really real real william moseley? you're kidding with my brain! no wonder you can't stop smiling darling...

  7. i die. figuratively

    let's just say you're one lucky girl.

    xx acacia

  8. Haha. I saw that on twitter and I was like "She's probably FREAKING out."
    I'm going to die waiting...COME FASTER 23rd OF MARCH!!!

  9. That is super awesome!! Sounds like a fabulous Monday.

    Enough people die in The Hunger Games without you dying. Please, Jocee, don't die.

  10. no. stinking. way. William Moseley? YAY FOR YOU!!!! WOOT! I'm so happy for you girl! That's pretty much amazing. You'll have to tell us what happens!

  11. I had a similar experience to the Twitter response..I once talked to the real Darren Criss(: *swoon*
    And of course, S. Dawson, but you already knew that :D

    I wish I could've had you're Monday!

  12. I could imagine how in awe you are right now! That's so exciting! :)

  13. your day sounds ever so lovely! and William tweeted you?! That is pure awesomesauce. the end.

  14. William tweeted you!?!!!?? That means you're practically famous!
    -Fizi Kizi

  15. WHAAAAAAAAAAAA??? Ohmygoodness I just died and went to jealousville! He tweeted you?!?! DAGGUM! Letters are always the beginning of a romance, you know.;) Hehe! Ya'll are just wayyyy to cute<3 <3

  16. wooooooooooow you must be one happity-happy girl.
    and i am supersupersuper jealous of you because the hunger games tickets are sold out, and therefore i have no one to go with because every sane person is going to the primere, and threfore therefore, i cannot go.

    sad old me :(

    and i pretty much wish all of my mondays could be like yours.


  17. So cool! I had a similar (not quite-as-exciting) moment when I got retweeted/responded by Sean Astin (Sam in LOTR) :) Too cool!!!!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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