fiction fridays, part one.

{this new blog series is inspired by rachel of elephantine, who on fridays, writes short stories in her desire to, just like me, become a novelist.}
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Cara actually doesn't like coffee. But if there is one thing university taught her, it's that if you have a Starbucks cup in your hand, it makes you look like an intellectual. She figures there's nothing wrong with being an intellectual, so she takes trips to Starbucks every now and then to keep her reputation in tact. However, she cheats a little each time. Instead of coffee, she buys tea or hot cocoa, and possibly a scone, and sits in the little shop with her laptop, catching up with her friends and doing work. And no one can tell the difference. 
    Today is the first day Cara's stepped into her friendly-neighborhood Starbucks since it's been remodeled. The tile is fresh, the countertops are waiting for their first drop of caffeine to be spilled on them, and the cushions on the chairs seem to beckon her to sit. The only thing that's the same from last time is the smell. The smell of coffee beans being prepared into a scorching hot drink. The smell of chocolate being mixed in. The smell of vanilla and sugar, and maybe a whiff of orange from the cranberry-orange scones that are just now being set into the display cabinet.
    Cara walks to the counter, pocketbook open, and scans the menu, even if she knows exactly what she's going to get.
    "One small zebra hot cocoa, and a cranberry-orange scone." There's a certain cheeriness in her voice, like a child who just walked into a candy store.
    As she pays, she can't help but notice the barista behind the counter. He's knew here, she thinks. He's tall, 6'2 she imagines, with dark curly hair that is neither black nor brown. When he speaks to a fellow employee, she recognizes the R's in his accent and immediately concludes that he is British. His eyes are bright, and from different angles they can be see as both blue and green. His cheekbones are prominent and his hands large. 
    She can't see his name tag, so Cara just says "thank you", and takes her cocoa and scone to a booth. She can't help but notice their hands lightly brushed when she took the cocoa. She smiles a little. 
    She has no laptop today, just her journal, so she pens down this event, alternating with sips of warm chocolate and glazed scone. Pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose, she reads her work, spilling a drop of cocoa onto the page. 
    "A souvenir for later years?" She says, closing the notebook and putting in into her messenger bag.
    Cara sees no harm in it, so she slips a five in the Mason jar labeled tips at the counter and smiles at the barista. He smiles back, with a warmness she's never seen before, and his name tag comes into view. It reads: Eddie.
    "Thanks, Eddie," she says in a half-whisper. He nods and says "you are welcome",  and she finishes the remainder of her scone as she walks out of the door. 
    This isn't the sort of story that ends with a horse-drawn carriage rolling into the sunset, nor a story that ends with a broken heart. But it's the sort of story that ends with a woman in her early twenties, with auburn brown hair and hazel eyes, blushing as she begins her car ride home.

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  1. ummmm whens the next post? fridays too far away. this is reeeeaaallllyyyy gooooooooodddd

  2. Did I ever tell you that your writing is incredible? Because it is. Keep it coming, dear!

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  4. hello, i would like to buy this book. when will it be finished, if you please?


  5. Ah, love this Jocee! Can't wait for the next one! :)

  6. British Barista! Oh dreams of dreams!

  7. Please, write more.
    You writing is quite wonderful :)


  8. I'm so happy that I inspired you! Looking forward to reading the next story :)

  9. uuuh, that was awesome. :)
    Keep on the road of being a novelist. You're talented. :)
    Can't wait for your first book. :)

  10. Wow, great story!
    P.s. thank you for your post entitled "Finding Your Niche"... It gave me something to think about in my own blogging experience. Because you're right, and it's good that I read that. :)

  11. your stories are so cute. :)
    yay for jocee writing!

  12. *sigh* That's loverly. <3 <3

  13. Aww! I loved it! :)
    Fizi Kizi x

  14. Well this sounds a bit familiar...or maybe it's just me? ;)

  15. Aww, Jocee Dear, this was the most beautiful thing. So perfect. Love it. You m'dear are so gifted at writing. I am rather jealous actually. :) And that picture, mhhmm, now I may just go help myself to a cup of cocoa. :))


  16. great story. Just found your blog. Love it!

  17. This is super sweet :) It kind of reminds me of the story about Max with the French accent on Fernwahmag.

    p.s. I found this! http://www.etsy.com/listing/46403548/cupcakes-make-everything-better-womens-t


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