fiction fridays, part three.

I can imagine us going nowhere. We'd be strolling on the walk alongside the street, sometimes stopping for coffee and something to eat. He'd intertwine his fingers in mine and rub them with his thumb, occasionally brining my hand up to his mouth to kiss. He'd wrap his arm around my back without letting go of my hand, causing my opposite arm to be draped around my front. I'd blush for no reason and he'd smile and kiss my hair. 
     I can imagine getting the camera out of my satchel (most likely a Canon 5d mark ii) and breaking contact to walk behind him. I'd capture the way he walks, from the heel to the balls of his feet, until he picked himself up and set himself down again. His stride would go with his height. I can see his shoulders slightly fall up and down with each step. How long his legs are. I'd walk behind him, walking upbeat to keep up; filming him. He'd turn around occasionally and smile, and sometimes walk backwards, before getting out his film camera, capturing me while I capture him. Then he'd take the dslr out of my hands and give me the film, turning the tables.
     I can imagine myself blushing when I glance back at him. He'd smile wide and then survey his work, and I'd make a silly face and he'd laugh, tongue and all. I'd capture him laughing. 
     I can imagine us stopping in a cafe. We'd screw eating healthy and order burgers, fries, and pizza (gourmet of course) and talk about nothing over a few glasses of pop. Sharing the straw. Of course we'd have cupcakes for dessert, because we can always make sundaes at home. We'd people-watch as the sun goes down and leave as the streetlights come on.
     I can imagine us kissing under some imaginary mistletoe, no matter the season. And then, we'd keep going to nowhere at all. 
     I want him; here with me. Now.
(To go nowhere is to set out and explore; to have the ability to go out and start walking with no particular destination, and have the stamina to go on forever, so long as he, or she, is holding your hand.)

i like to write about him. i like to list things i want to do with him. i even wrote a song for him, which i'm in the process of notating. i dedicated a notebook to him, in which i wrote some of the things i don't have the courage to say; some of the things i hope will take place in the future. not to mention, i'm listening to ella fitzgerald's september song, and i'm in a gushy sort-of mood. and you can thank my gushy sort-of mood, because that's what made me want to share one of the little ditties i wrote with you.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug metronome-
{pea ess: as inspired by rachel.}


  1. this is GORGEOUS Jocee!!<33 I LOVE your writing!!

    pee ess : I want your oxfords. :P


    1. pee pee ess : I love love love love love your new blogger profile picture. (:

  2. you. you are just adorable. i love this so very, very much.
    it is everything i want to do with him someday. :)

  3. I loved this so much Jocee!


  4. so basically you have the ability to describe the sweetest, most perfect, guy/relationship ever. i love you. and your oxfords. getting some. this summer. yes.

  5. I really hope that your relationship turns out like you describe it when you write.
    This is perfect.


  6. this is perfect and amazing and basically this is what i dream of in a guy. you are an amazing writer. love!

  7. :: swoon :: wow, jocee, this was fabulous. i have some of the same dreams about "him."

  8. Wow, this is just amazing! I just love the way you write, it's lovely :) xx

  9. Jocee, why are you so cool? Seriously. I love this. :))

  10. (most likely a Canon 5d mark ii)
    that totally made me laugh out loud.
    you're brilliant, you know that?
    this is just beautiful. and that's gonna be one lucky guy.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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