fiction fridays, part two.

002. stocking the refrigerator
It'd only been a few hours since mom and dad had left. The house seemed a whole lot larger now, and a heck-of-a-lot quieter, with the remaining boxes of my various belongings being my only company. Luckily, most of the furniture came with the house, so the expense of having to go and buy new things wasn't on my mind. But I needed something on my mind, because if there wasn't anything there, I would undoubtedly cry for hours in the knowledge that I was the only person breathing in this house.
   I walked/ran to the refrigerator, because I felt like a turkey sandwich. Pulled on the handle and let it swing open, only to see that I had nothing but a few cases of bottled water. Which meant that I had to go to the store. Which meant I had to postpone crying in a fetus position on my sofa. I could totally deal with that.
   Getting in my pale blue Lexus SUV, I drove to the H-E-B that was literally only thirty seconds from the house, if you didn't count the two stoplights. In which case, it was a minute and a half. I parked, got a basket, and walked in. I filed through aisles picking up my various needs and wants, and checked them off the internal list in my head. 
   Two-percent milk. A dozen and a half carton of eggs. Brown eggs. Biscuits. Hebrew National hot dogs, because those were the best, hands down. Two loaves of bread for my turkey sandwich habit. A bag of Lays. Ice cream sandwiches and six-pack of orange Crush soda pop. Iceberg lettuce, dill pickles, and mustard. Sliced cheese. And a few other things that were typical to my daily life. 
   I checked-out and the cashier's helper walk me to the car and put my groceries in the trunk, a young man by the name of Luke, with a smooth, young face. He said everyone called him Skywalker. A coincidence, I thought, since it was May the fourth. 
   By the time I got home and unloaded my groceries, I didn't feel like a turkey sandwich anymore. Instead, I got an ice cream sandwich and put an orange Crush in the freezer to get cold, and sat on the sofa and turned on the telly. I flipped through channels and stopped on Hart of Dixie, though I didn't actually watch it for awhile. 
   I was sitting in my house. My house. I wouldn't have to hide under the covers to keep my sister from waking me up, or ask Mom if I could go to Anthropologie and pick up that new volume up Kinfolk (which happened to be the bee's knees). This was my own space, where I could listen to classical music, make as much tilapia as I could imagine, and live. Make noise, to fill the silence, which I knew I didn't like very much now that it was eminent. 
   I smiled, realized that the episode playing was called "Homecoming and Coming Home". Because, I was home.
   A crazy thought came into my head just before I turned up the volume. Maybe I could invite Luke over for turkey sandwiches sometime. 

   Because, after all, I had stocked the refrigerator. 

this one's inspired by my parents, talking about when it'll be time for me to move out, and this one's for all of us, because i'm sure we all feel a little bit nostalgic when it comes to leaving home. 
-kiss kiss kiss, may the fourth be with you-
{pea ess: this series is inspired by rachel of elephantine, who on fridays, writes short stories in her desire to, just like me, become a novelist.}


  1. i started reading this and i was like all confuzzled. i thot you guys were moving or something!! haha


  2. this is the best thing ever. I totally feel like this sometimes. and your writing seriously makes me want cry in a fetus position on my sofa. because I'm not even half as good.
    but this really did just make my Friday.

  3. This is awesome! :D I know for sure that I'll be feeling nostalgic when I leave home!

  4. Shame on you for not mentioning Anakin!! Just wait until Revenge of the Fifth tomorrow, you'll be sorry...muhahahahaha!

    Just kidding:) Awesome post, deary:)

  5. I checked-out and the cashier's helper walk me to the car and put my groceries in the trunk, a young man by the name of Luke, with a smooth, young face. He said everyone called him Skywalker. A coincidence, I thought, since it was May the fourth.

    Jocee, I just about died from the sheer and utter epicness of that paragraph. Great job, this was amazing. You really should consider turning this into a weekly linkup. :D

    Annika @ Writing Beyond the Moon

  6. oh, this kind of made me sad. it reminded me of leaving home, which I've never really done, but it seems like a traumatic experience. still, wonderful story, love (:

  7. "I didn't feel like a turkey sandwich anymore." did you really want to feel like a sandwich? please, tell me the truth.

    1. yes. very much so. i really, really like them. they just taste good.

  8. may the fourth be with YOU!! love that shot. <3

  9. This is fantastic. <3 you have the greatest way of putting things! ^_^

  10. oh gosh, you are just pure awesomeness, jocee.

  11. That picture. Oh my word. It makes me feel summer.

  12. hey Jocee. (yes I'm commenting again. I comment on Megan's posts like 7 times, so it's time I start doing it to you, I think. =P) saw you had sponsors on your blog. and was wondering if you wanted to trade sponsorship. like I sponsor you, you sponsor me type of thing. If you even do that.
    anyways if you wanted to you can reply to this comment. or email me. or comment on my blog. or tweet me. or hire a guy to write a cloud message in an airplane above my house.
    whatever works for you.

  13. the awesomeness of this post. gah.

  14. Aw this was wonderful! What a great way to practice your writing skills. And that pic has made me so hungry now, I just want to reach into the computer screen and gobble it up!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  15. so basically, i adoreloveadmirecherish your writing.

  16. You are a great novelist. I enjo every post!


  17. heyy girlie! long time, no post! we miss you; like, a lotlotlotlot.

  18. i don't know why, but i'm finding myself reading this repeatedly :)

  19. OH MY GOSH. YUM!! I love that you're sharing your own photos, Jocee! They're awesome.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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