insignificance like the sunrise.

there's a certain time when the sky is on fire. there's the golden hour, of course, but i'm not talking about that. it happens every day, you know. sunrise. we act like it's nothing new, nothing interesting. it's become a wallflower at the hypothetical party. no one notices, and no one really cares. in fact, most of us aren't awake to witness it. but today, because i'm enrolling in community college and assessments are required, i got to see it.

i originally woke at five forty-three because of an off-putting dream, then fell asleep some minutes later with some serious coaxing to my brain. but the time i woke up again, it was around an hour later, and because i had so much on my mind that i couldn't fall asleep again, i turned to face the window. and this is where i fangirl about the sunrise: like-holy-cheese-you-guys-the-sky-is-red-and-orange-and-magenta-and-gah-i-don't-know-what-to-do-i'm-contemplating-my-existence-over-here.

it was like God telling me good morning himself. like i was in the lion king movie. it felt majestic. empowering. and even though there were slightly disturbing amounts of sleep in my eyes, i ran downstairs, grabbed my camera, and snapped next to the window.
so now it's the golden hour, the sky is turning ablaze before darkening, and electricity can just take a hike.

the sun rose out of the sea,
the birds began to sing their wake-up lullaby, 
and we were alive again. 

-kiss kiss kiss, side effect-
{pea ess: okay, so i checked out the fault in our stars for the second time, let it sit for three days because i was afraid to get my heartbroken again, and i opened it yesterday only to realize it's freaking awesome all over again. y'all should read it. just saying.}


  1. That first photo is stunning Jocee! Beautiful post all together! :)

  2. dear goodness. you're just amazing.

  3. those shots are gorgeous!! you get better and better every time!! :) very well-written!!


  4. i loved when you wrote "it's become a wallflower at the hypothetical party." that line was so... great. i just love how it rolls off the tounge. i actually didn't know what hypothetical meant so i had to look it up. seriously, that sentance is so beautiful. (:

  5. These pics... are so beautiful Jocee!! I love them!


  6. Love, love, love! You're super awesome, Jocee. And the photos are just great. I really enjoy[ed] watching the sunrise... that one time a couple months ago when I woke up early enough. :D

    Abbie /// XOXOX

    oh, yeah, p.s. i linked to this post on my latest blog post. :D

  7. "it was like God telling me good morning himself. like i was in the lion king movie."
    you. just you.

    Oh, by the way, I read TFioS a couple of weeks ago... as soon as I finished it (I was still crying) I went outside where my parents were smoking and stole an unlit cigarette from their pack. I stuck it in my mouth, and when they started to get mad, I told them "It's a metaphor, OKAY?! ::sob::"

  8. These shots are beautiful, and the poem is wonderful. Amazing post all in all! xx

  9. beautiul photos, lovely post :)

  10. Jocee, I love what you've done with your blog and the posts. Great shots

  11. HEY girl! I awarded you on my blog!! ♥ And I just want to say that I love your comment on Abby's blog XD I love both tangled(; and ADELE!

  12. gorgeous. its' funny, I just wrote something similar to this about the sunset last night (at like 2am. hah).
    and that little poem up there is gold.
    (again, cheesy puns are frequent here.) ;)

  13. this is beautiful, dear! and i've been meaning to read the fault in our stars for the longest time! do you know john green vlogs on youtube? i've been following his channel for some time now and he's awesome :)

  14. i absolutely love sunrise, even though i'm not often up to see it (because during the summer, here, it rises at like 5... and getting up at five is like torture. ;P ) but, i love it! mostly because well, it's gorgeous, and it signifies the start of a brand new day and beginning. ;)

  15. oh, and The Fault in our Stars was such an amazing book. Even though I was sooo sad at the end.

  16. such lovely photos. and i'll have to check that book out, thanks!

    xo, lizzie


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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