just little things {171-192}

171. doing two day's worth of school so you don't have any to do the next day.
172. the satisfaction of finishing a good book.
173. getting the first comment. 
174. when your ears pop after you get off the plane. 
175. no one noticing your embarrassing moment. 
176. getting all red skittles in one package. 
177. the smell of your house when you walk in after a vacation. 
178. when he thinks you're funny. 
179. going swimming for the first time after winter.
180. putting the groceries away. 
181. looking at little kids and wondering what they'll be like when they grow up. 
182. knowing the perfect words to describe him. 
183. getting the eyelash out of your eye.
184. seeing a movie on the day it comes out. 
185. realizing everyone around you is growing up. 
186. the way the sky looks during the sunrise/sunset.
187. when the bubble doesn't pop after you touch it.
188. watching the balloons go up to heaven. 
189. when someone notices something different about your appearance. 
190. when your family decides to go out to eat. 
191. folding the paper perfectly. 
192. when you have your favorite breakfast, favorite lunch, and favorite dinner all in one day. 
193. when the thunderclouds make the house dark.

it looks like pencil shavings, but it's a flower. promise-promise.
i find myself getting bored of my posting cycle. like i'm doing the same things over and over again, and i'm not satisfied with them. is there anything that'd you like to see more or less of on cupcake dictionary? do tell. i might choke you with hugs {that's a good thing}.

-kiss kiss kiss, hug leaking light-


  1. AYE!! :D I lurveee them all!!

  2. Love this!!! I can basically relate to each one. =)

  3. some Narnia news!! Your latest post was for Will's 25th, but how about just posting some random pics of the actors together and posting what you love about each of them (Will, Anna, Skandar, Georgie, Ben?) and whoever else you like. :)


    1. I agree and try adding your vlog??? also do latest movie actors reviews what your opinion of them is and how they did in that movie based on you or others .

  4. Wow! That picture is so pretty!

    xxo. Jazzie

  5. This is sweet.
    I love that flower.
    Beth xxx

  6. I always love seeing this! Super cute flower, by the way(:

  7. 172, 175, 183, 189, and 193♥

    oh, i dunno. i think your posts are always awesome. i definitely love these "just the little things" posts. and i think it's pretty neat when you talk about your mom and sister. oh, and your fiction fridays. all of those things just make your blog unique... and epic.


  8. i love this! and i just recently found your blog and started following.. i think it's crazy amazing how you won the composing contest! love your blog :)

  9. Wow, this list is just so lovely! I love every single thing in it, and that flower is just gorgeous xx

    - Jianine

  10. did you take that photo?

  11. i love this. i don't get tired of your post cycle...but it sure would be nice to see some vlogs and more pictures of you! : )

  12. Hey there :) I'm a bit new, but I'd say the posts are good! And that's a really cool flower! And let me just add - you nailed EVERYTHING! Were you talking about me??? lol

    Chazak! (Be Strong)

  13. Personally, I love your post cycle! Especially fiction Fridays. My heart always skips a beat when I see that you've written a new little fiction story. :)

  14. Great photo, the lighting is awesome!

  15. That is one beautiful photo!! That's such a good list. I love when my ears pop even if just after being at a high altitude. It's the best! Finally can hear again!!!

  16. hmmm....how about if you post some book or movie reviews or reccomendations? I always enjoy reading them.
    But I like your posting cycle the way it is.

  17. um i'm not sure how but i was typing you a comment and then the page reset itself. :/ so if the other comment came through incomplete, that's why :)

    but if it didn't come through at all, and you think i'm truly off my rocker, here's what i wanted to say:
    this picture is super duper beautiful. :) and i think that your dissatisfaction with your "posting cycle" is understandable. i get it. you of all people know how i've been struggling with the whole blogging scene since i started. just when i think i've got it, i realize i don't. the posts feel all wrong, the design isn't good enough, people probably think i'm crazy...yeah, you know. :)

    but anyway, yes! you should totally do reviews on movie actors. you would be really good at it. maybe write reviews on other things too. maybe make it humorous and review what post people think about inanimate objects or something. oh i don't know, maybe how ingenious the concept of cupcakes is?
    and yes your fiction fridays are really really really great! :D i just love the way you write :)

    whoa. sorry about this freakishly long comment...

  18. I totally agree on this first one! Haha


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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