moments with mommy, v.vii

mystery tree.
we were sitting at grandma's house on monday, watching the basketball game or something of the sort, when mommy decided to tell me a story.

Mom: jocelyn, i'm going to tell you something, and i sure do hope it doesn't happen to you, but i want you to know anyways.
Me: oh Lord, please let it not have something to do with the Cosby Show.
Mom: the night after i gave birth to you, i was in the hospital resting. i was so, so tired, and i didn't feel like doing much of anything but sleeping. so i was resting, and i was awoken by this whining sound. and i said to myself, "what was that?" and i looked over, and there was a baby next to me. so i'm looking at it, and i say, "oh my, someone had a baby!" and then i realized it was you. 
Me: you forgot you gave birth to me? i feel so loved. 
Mom: i know your grandmother teases you about forgetting things, but if you want to forget something significant, then forget that you had your own baby. but you forget, i like, just had you, so i was delusional. i was in labor for thirty-six hours, you know. 
Me: but i turned out good! 
Mom: that's... debatable. no, i'm kidding. love you, jocee!

at least, i hope so. but seriously, you guys, she forgot i was born. that is so. awkward.
-kiss kiss kiss, teenage alzheimer's-
{pea ess: fixed the photo issue. thank you, abby!}


  1. You made me laugh out loud! Your mom sounds awesome, even though she forgot she had a daughter.:]


  2. hahaha! that's hilarious. gosh, I can see myself doing that one day. yikes.
    yo welcome, awesome person.

  3. "i feel so loved..."

    you make my day, jocee. seriously. i'm so glad you were born.

    abbie /// xoxox

  4. bahaha! Wow, this is kind of funny. Actually, this is weird because my mom JUST told me a story yesterday about when I was born. Apparently right after I came into the world, she almost bled to death so they had to take me away for a few hours and she didn't attach to me for like a long time. It really made me feel loved. ;P haha just kidding, but I hope you feel loved!


  5. LOL. that's hilarious. so sorry, jocee. (;

  6. haha your mom is a dear! she can maybe forget things, which is normal...but that was quite awkward, haha! love the photos xx

  7. hehehe that is seriously hilarious. ;)

  8. Lol!!! This is so funny Jocee!


  9. Hahahahaha can I please meet your mom?

  10. ahahaha!! ohmygosh Jocee that's hilarious! XD ♥

  11. oh wow. that is helarious. and your mum is awesome as usual! love these posts with your mummy : )

  12. Why does that sound exactly like something I'd do? Got to love the honesty.

  13. this is so funny :) i love all these moments with mommy posts - your mother sounds awesome.
    and glad you got the photo thing fixed :)

  14. ohmygoodness, i'm sorry, but that is HILARIOUS!! your mom sounds like a ham, ya know, like a comedian, not... like... a ham... :)


  15. awkward, funny, a little disappointing... i'm sorry for you and i'm laughing, jocee!

  16. ohmystars!! I'm dying laughing!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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