pure gold.

the sun is beginning it's descend into the beds of the west, and the sky is the perfect palette of blythe blue, melting into a peach sort of pink, fading into the vibrant hues of orange, the faintest hint of magenta. as i step onto the porch getting ready to leave, i don't have my camera with me. we're already late for church, and we shouldn't be any later. as joy is beckoning for mommy, daddy and i to get in the car, i see the grass's blades bending their backs to the right. the sun casts its gaze on them and i see the white blossoms that sprouted on the leaves just this past week, as well as a few oak leaves that survived the winter.

so even though joy is literally yelling her voice box out of her throat, and mommy and daddy are asking what is going on, i go back inside, retrieving the camera from its resting place and flicking the switch on. it feels familiar in my hands, comforting. and as i hear the constant shutter and snap, i smile. then i survey my work, and my smile grows wider, because i know that i am enjoying what i capture.

another thing that peaks my smile is the glow of the sunlight that reaches my eyes. and i think to myself, why haven't i come out here before? during the golden hour. the world seems to be a different color. a different perspective. a ladybug travels across my path, going home for the coming night. and as i get in the car and click my seatbelt shut, i smile again. because at this hour, the world is pure gold.

-kiss kiss kiss, shabalabadingdong-
{pea ess: it's my best friend's sixteenth birthday tonight. happy birthday, darling jessica. love you.}
{pea pea ess: my apologies for posting so late. the inspiration comes and goes.}


  1. Dude. You're pure gold. Like totes.

  2. Beautifully written :) There's just something so special about capturing the little things in life.

  3. then i survey my work, and my smile grows wider, because i know that i am enjoying what i capture.
    I love that feeling.
    your photos just get better and better, m'dear.

  4. these shots are beautiful! I find golden hour is one of the most gorgeous times of day.

    that's pretty cool you have a friend named jessica ;) tell her jessica says happy birthday.

  5. Beautiful post, the pictures, the words, everything! x

    - Jianine

  6. so...these pictures are b-e-ay-u-tiful! wow, girl. especially the last one. so good. hey, we need to get back on to emailing. we're so bad.

  7. ahh, these are all gorgeous! I love golden hour :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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