thoughts of a rainy day tuesday.

with the weather being the way it is at the moment, rainymood is unnecessary. i'm not feeling the words i need to say for my coming out post, so i'm respecting mr. inspiration and putting my brainpower towards other things.

lately, i've been busy. i've been coming down off of the high that is the avengers {which all of you need to see this instant - prepare to get loki'd}, i'm writing again, and joy's swim season has started. which means i'll see eli again, because one of his siblings is swimming as well. but let's not talk about that. let's talk about the brownies i made this afternoon, and how the balance between the chocolate and milk is perfectly measured. how sheer curtains make the best film grain, and how i've finally gotten around to ordering perks of being a wallflower. how i had a lovely talk with bleah this afternoon, and how i'm convinced she'll be a fabulous author. how my carnations have survived the hectic everythings that make up my life.

some things i've learned as of late: it's easiest for me to wake up when the clouds are covering the sun // tropical music sounds best during the rain; here // i shouldn't say everything that's on my mind // tuna salad is delicious // i love the smell of coffee but not the taste // sunflares make everything better // love deeper; live fiercer.

what've you been up to, darling?
-kiss kiss kiss, livin la vida loki-
{pea ess: seriously, you guys. the avengers.}
{pea pea ess: also, on my poll, eighteen of you are correct, my name is pronounced jaw-see.}


  1. yay, I got it right on the poll :)
    and, whoa. new favorite website. I love the sound of rain!

  2. I voted on your poll, but I actually always think jo-seee with lots of e's, which wasn't one of the options. :P


  3. really!? jawsee? I never would've known! it's the e's. ;)

  4. a friend who also reads your blog corrected my pronunciation of your name from jo-see to jaw-see. yeah... rainy days? heck yes. and don't worry about the boy, beautiful, cause he obviously don't know what he's been missing.

  5. This post is lovely, I would just love to bake brownies and write in the afternoon of a glum and damp weather! x


  6. hahaha "loki'd" that part cracked me up(=
    cute post!

  7. huh, i was pronouncing it "joh-see". You learn something new every day!

    I envy you -- I could use some rain, and rainymood isn't cutting it. Forget that boy -- he isn't worth the worry. Oh, and I'm dying to see the avengers X) I think Thor is my favorite.


  8. Your posts are always so amazing. If magic could be a person, it would be you! I knew it was pronounced jaw-see :)

  9. I love the way you put things. And yay! I've always pronounced your name right! Ever since the first day I found your blog and read somewhere how it was 'jocelyn' and therefore, it would be jaw-see instead of josie.

  10. amen to sunflares make everything better. my gosh, I really want to see the avengers! I'll have to go and see it soon.

  11. Sunflares and rainy days are awesome. Great post! :)

  12. I am sad to say I have been pronouncing your name wrong, :( but now I know! :) Thanks!

  13. oops! i've been saying it like joe-see....i'm so very sorry joey!


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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