an update of sorts.

+ the past few weeks, i've been a lot busier. i haven't had time to post, or i haven't had the inspiration to post. so i've been taking some walks down my street, listening to the birds talk about he-saids and she-saids, and freelensing in the front yard. it's only going to get busier, and i can't afford to have my brain eaten away, so i'm embracing these walks a lot more.

+ about blog design. since megan is just as busy as i am {okay, maybe a little more}, gracie is going to trim the blog for me. i'm more than a little bit excited. apart from that, i'm entirely sprucing up this blog. making it simpler, more inviting, and making it something that i'd want to read if i didn't write it.

+ today is one of those days where the clouds are crying, and the one thing that would make me complete would be a good book to go with it. any suggestions? new material is always fun.

+ cupcakes taste nice. just saying.

-kiss kiss kiss, slay the jabberwocky-
{pea ess: i know, i just take photos of flowers and things. i need help.}


  1. love love that last shot. :)


  2. Looking forward to seeing the new design! And tiny feathers are too cute.

  3. 'promise me this' and 'words spoken true' are good books. i just finished them and they were really enjoyable :) and i love your photography--it's getting better and better with every shutter-click. :D

  4. Good books... hm... I'm reading great expectations and I highly recommend it. Lovely pictures. :)


  5. book suggestion: waterfall by lisa t. bergen. probably some of my favorite books of all time are written by her.

  6. I love your blog. Have I mentioned that? Haha, oh, and yes. Cupcakes taste delightful. And I actually ate five yesterday. I am gonna be a fatty. Oh, and freelensing. LOVE. Especially because I figured out how to do it without a baby kit lens thingy. Hehe. :) Okay, I am done. Lovely post. :)

  7. you are *beyond* lucky to have gracie designing your blog. i cannot wait to see this new design - when will it be up? :)

    and i know juuustt how you feel about being busy; that's just what i've been going through these past few weeks. (oh my gollygoodness. we are totes twins. both extremely busy at the same time? i mean, our whole twin theory is proven.)


  8. hmm, good books? my favorite author is Lynn Austin-she is amazing.

  9. so, freelensing is the best ever, and your photos are beautiful, darling, just beautiful.
    i believe i don't have any book suggestions. i'm still working on the fellowship of the rings.
    cupcakes taste wonderfully nice. amen.
    i'm so excited about the design! :D
    also, we're all mad here.

  10. Looking forward to seeing Gracie's awesome design for you! And if you haven't read The Blue Castle yet, you haven't lived. Just saying. ;)

  11. I love the pictures.(: Two beyond amazing books are Kisses From Katie (my all time favorite) and One Thousand Gifts.

  12. love your photos, dear! especially the sunflare :)
    i'm excited for the new design :) and as for book suggestions, Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead were quite good. also just about anything by Agatha Christie :)

  13. If you like the 40's then you should try A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerbeck

  14. Your pictures are beautiful! What do you mean you need help? Freelensing is super fun, and I'm so excited to see your new blog design! I can't believe Gracie is making it, haha! xx

  15. I can't wait to see the new design! and I have a weird obsession with feathers and sunlight- we're totally the same. it's also raining here, and that makes me extremely super duper happy, because although I love sunlight I actually really hate it. clouds? yes please. okay, that made no sense... yeah.

  16. your pictures look really beautiful and the last one is my favorite, definitely. :)
    and yes, cupcakes really do taste nice :>

  17. Walking + freelensing. YESSSSSS. ("No - no. It's too risky, too risky..." ahem. I'm actually not Gollum.)

    You should read Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin. It's SO good. :) Or read The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright, which is also good.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  18. I think I've only ever commented once. :) I love the pics and your blog! Also, kind of weird, but I had two random dreams about you recently... have no idea why. :D


  19. picutres of flowers + things are the best! I love these :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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