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Stop. Step away from the computer. Pause that song on your iPod. Reply to that text later. Take a deep breath, close your eyes. Imagine this: What if we were all indifferent?
What if there was no such thing as blonde hair and blue eyes, skinny and fat, tall and short, and we were all made to be the same? What if we all had the same hair and eyes, the same skin color, and we were all the same height and the same weight? No one would be more beautiful than anyone, no one would be more ugly, because we'd all be the same.

And what if this happened to the whole world? The actors would look like us. The models would look like us. We wouldn't be able to wish to be someone else, because we were all pretty much one person, just multiplied by seven billion. There'd be no anorexia, no bulimia, no racism and no suicide. We'd wear the same clothes, eat the same food, and have the same talents. We could be anything we wanted to be, and no one would be jealous of anyone because there'd be nothing to be jealous of.

So every physical aspect of a person would be diminished to the point where we'd all be the same, and we wouldn't be able to judge anyone for how large their breasts were or how strong they appeared to be, or how much makeup they wore, or how they dressed. We wouldn't be able to call anyone beautiful or ugly based on what we saw on the outside, which is what we do in real life in the span of a fleeting second.

But what if there was one thing that could tell us apart? If all our outward possessions and elements of our appearance were taken away, what would we do? I didn't say we didn't have personalities. I didn't say we all acted the same. If the outside of us was everlasting, we would be made beautiful from what was on the inside, which would be interchangeable. We'd have the freedom of speech, of opinion, the freedom of emotion. We'd keep all that we had on the inside, but the outside would be indifferent.

I mean, isn't that what we all want? To be judged by our heart and not by our bodies? So wouldn't the world be so much better if all we saw was what's on the inside? You can open your eyes now. My question is: Now, what do you see?

-kiss kiss kiss, the eye of the beholder-

{pea ess: oh look, capitalization is back! weird, isn't it? in other news, finally got to this post.}


  1. Very lovely and sweet I really like the concept.

  2. I do love this very much. No one would have to be fake, they'd be themselves, and then the World would be quite nice. But God didn't make us to be the same, he made us to all look this way for a reason. If there was a world without eating disorders, or sickness, or suicide, and everyone respected everyone I'd want to live in it. But I would still want to be me. :]


  3. dude, you put it in to words beautifully. oh, why can't the humanness of us see past the outer appearance? but no, we judge based on what our eyes see right off the bat. our uniqueness in the way we look is, I think, a beautiful thing God gave us. He made us so we are all completely different. but we've abused that privilege. we care only for the outside. why do we do that? so many girls, including myself, have felt insecure and ashamed by our looks. society tells us that if we don't look a certain way, nobody will even consider us. which, to an extent, is true - because we are human (though that's no excuse). but to God, we don't have to look a certain way. no matter if we're awkward, or have crazy hair, or large noses. He still loves us all the same.
    sheesh. sorry. didn't mean to write 72 paragraphs.

  4. Thank you. I've been wishing for this my whole life.

  5. Ok. This is amazing. ♥ Great post!

  6. wow. this is really good. such a good thought. Thanks, Jocee. :)


  7. That sounds like a sad scenario.
    If we all looked the same, hate wouldn't end. Fake people would still be around - they would just make their personalities perfect instead of their looks. People would still judge others, but for how they acted. And so on.
    God created all of the distinguishing features and physical qualities of each human being, whether that person is a supermodel or a homeless person. Why would I ever want to miss God's creation?

    1. i totally agree with you, rachel. i'm just trying to showcase something new, in which we look at the person for who they are first. what they look like comes second. actually, it really shouldn't matter at all.

      while all these things you mentioned would still exist, they'd be easier to see. :)

  8. this is an amazing concept and so well written. i wish we could be judged by the who we are instead of who or what we look like.

  9. I love how you began this post. I needed that.
    And I think the concept was really good, very different from a lot of the fluff I see on some blogs. It really got me thinking. :D

    xoxo, Erin

  10. wow. this is so true. sometimes that would be a HUGE blessing! but then, every one wants to be different to step out. i guess the point is, are we stepping out for jesus, rather than ourself?!
    oh and i noticed STRAIGHT away that you had capitals...i guess it just shows how well i know your blog :D

  11. love this. what an amazing way to look at things. <3

  12. Jocee,
    I think that this post is the best yet of all of yours that I have read.
    As teenage girls, we all struggle with our body image - it just seems to be an inevitable fact of life. Sometimes it is so frustrating that so much weight is put upon the superficial and the shallow. I've often thought of a similar scenario to the one you described myself.
    Kudos to you for sharing this. I really admire your genuineness.
    It's beautiful.

    A blogless reader

  13. This is really true and amazing pecie of writing. Being in a world like this would mke make no beauty wars or suicide or anything like that, but this world would really helps show the hearts beauty rather than the outside. One of your best posts. This also would make a great story idea...

    =^..^= Hunteress =^..^=

    (I cant post! My computer shows blogger blank after I sign in! Whats up with that? Help!)

  14. Such true words, Jocee. This is a very beautiful piece of writing. So beautiful in fact, that I would like to frame it and hang it up on my wall. Thank you for posting this. <3

    It made my heart feel happy. (:

  15. Yes, an inside-out world would be nice. To be able to see a person for who they really are on the inside, not just what they look like on the outside. That would be very nice indeed. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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