photo credit // typography by me
i figured he had to be
his eyes, his hair,
he was so beautiful that
i thought he couldn't be from
this earth, but he was
too good to be an angel. 
nothing about him seemed 
wrong, out of place; he was
who he was and incandescently
unapologetic about it. 
so i concluded that his
flaws were in his
freckles; secrets hidden in
caverns and citadels that he
had swallowed the key
they were mostly located in
the countries called 
Arms, the city called his
Neck, and a few
behind his ears that i'd 
found on my
so i decided i would
kiss each and every one
of his freckles, the wet touch
lingering to say "it's alright,
i don't know what you've
done, but i don't love you any
less, actually, i love you even
more," and if the world tries to 
lock him up, i'll just
tell them he swallowed
the key. 
so the freckles multiplied on
his body like spots 
on a Dalmatian, and i
didn't kiss him to keep him
perfect, i kissed 
him because i wanted 

so, i've been doing this project, called Smash365. and this is something i wrote for one of the prompts. i don't know what day it was, and i don't even remember what the prompt was. all i know is that i can't stop thinking about his freckles now. so. hope you enjoyed.

-kiss kiss kiss, peeping tom-
{pea ess: so i [finally] have a new design. can we all take a moment to fangirl over the watercolours?}


  1. I love this. Like, a lot a lot a lot. You are wonderful and awesome and I love you. The end.

  2. beautiful jocee! especially the part on the photo...it's perfect! :)

  3. almost shed a tear. beautiful, doll.

  4. hello-miss-expert-typographer. would you mind telling me the font used in the photo? please? thanks a lotlotlot. :)

    and by the way, this is absolutely wonderful and brilliant.

    xo Acacia

    1. i used heiti tc light :) in my mind, i had a very thin (but able to stand out) font, that would really make the photo. you know? i think about these things too much, i guess. but i always want it to look right. and it really does come down to the font. there are so many similar ones that it can make or break your typography. but anyways. rambling :)

    2. you don't know how much this made my day. thank you to the moon and back.

      and for the record, your design is freaking preeetyy. ohmyword, now i'm seriously considering Gracie doing up my blog. oh my word. I just... this... this... this design is amazingly incredible.


    3. do you have a download link for that font? thanks!

    4. we don't, but you can probably find it on dafont.com or something like that :)

  5. bazinga! hahaha new favorite word. :) and you have such an amazing way with words. where do you come up with these things????

    love ya,

    1. hahaha oh my gosh, er, i mean...goshbubbles! ;) i was thinking the same thing! XD britishly...bazinga...she's a word-creater. hehe.

    2. haha, actually, bazinga isn't my word. ever seen the big bang theory? that's sheldon cooper's word. i just think it's cool, haha. and amanda, i seriously don't know how i come up with this stuff. i just get an idea, and sometimes i decide to jump on it. right now, i guess, was one of those times. :)

  6. loverly, loverly, loverly words. and once again, the new design is gorgeous! :)

  7. jocee. this is so perf. i can't even begin to describe how... inspiring this poem was. i love you so much. <33 oh, and the design is also quite perf (;

  8. oh and your new design is like THE BOMB-DOT-COM

  9. you write, like, beautifully. and your new design is swoon-worthy! xo

  10. GSDHTSHGKEWJHTFGBLGBOHJGBV your design is incredible. haha seriously, it's gorgeous! mine is almost done too, so stoked for the relaunch. :D

  11. New design = LIKE x a billion.

  12. WOAH. JOCEE. your design. like oh.my.gosh. it's loverly. ♥

  13. my goodnesssss, this is so beautiful! such a pleasure to read. :)

  14. I LOVE your new design, it's amazing! And your writing... adjf;alkfja;sdkfs it's so good! It's just all sorts of beautifulness. :)

    Hannah <3

  15. just simply beautiful jocee!
    and i love your new blog design, it's perfect! :)

  16. Everyone before has said it too but this is beautiful and delicate!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  17. Your new design. Oh my my my my my. I JUST ADORE IT. SO FREAKING GOSHBUBBLY PRETTY!


  18. everything is perfect, jocee.
    your new blog look?


  19. ps hey, do you think you could add a little search engine somewhere on your blog? maybe on the sidebar? thanks a lot! :)

  20. Jocee I love this. What is the font title you used for the picture? I am on gimp and I can't find it :(


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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