dear august,

please love me.
dear august,
i generally don't ask for things like this.
and i know it's somewhat late in getting to you,
but i wanted to let you know how i feel.
i've been a bit nervous about you coming around.
what with the possibility that i might go back to swimming,
and community college starting and such,
i wanted to avoid you as much as i possibly could.
but now that you're here, you don't seem all bad,
so maybe it was in vain; all those thoughts i had about you before.
i like your cool, crisp mornings;
the tree branches flailing about in a frenzy of invisible air;
your subtle hints that autumn is coming soon;
the opportunities that bring old friends together
for one last time before school starts.
i like the laze in the sunshine that carries over from july at sunset,
casting a glow on the palette sky before one more day goes to rest.
and i hope i'm not too selfish in asking, dear august,
if you would love me?
because i love you bunches.

-kiss kiss kiss, 'ello puppet-
{pea ess: did anyone see the tfios reference? hint; it's in the picture.}
{pea pea ess: as inspired by this.}


  1. this is perfect. the end.

  2. Great poem~ Yes, I did see it: Augustus, correct? Was I not supposed to say that...?

  3. dear jocee,

    please start swimming up again. (you'll be so glad you did: after all, all you needed was the break you've just had.)

    ''i like your cool, crisp mornings;
    the tree branches flailing about in a frenzy of invisible air;'' (Can I marry your writing? I kid, I kid... but, seriously: Your. Writing. Is. Just. Amazing.

    I love your posts. That's all.

    xx, acacia

  4. I like this. :) And your blog is very lovely, by the way!

  5. I dearly want August to love me, too. Such a lovely post. :)

  6. I like your letter to August, this is a cool idea! :)

  7. this was generally amazing, even without the tfios reference. which rocked my socks off, by the way.

  8. This is awesomesauce, Joce! Yeah, I caught the reference;)

  9. Your words are beautiful and so is that picture! Wonderful letter x

  10. August just keeps reminding me of my first year of high school coming up. *biting nails*

  11. ahhh, just perfect. i love august because it means spring is on the way!! it makes me so happy...i've had enough of cold wintery weather! :)

  12. hehe the moment i saw the August(us) I was like "THE FAULT IN OUR STARS REFERENCE OMG"

    loved that book.


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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