i hope this makes you blush.

dear audrey,
i can't write this. i really don't know what to say, and i've been sitting here on the verge of tears for the past i-don't-now-how-many-minutes, so i think i'm going to just wing it and write a six paragraph post on the fact that i love you.

i love our conversations that start with my waking you up and then your saying goodnight.. i love the inside jokes and the anna sun variations and our heart-to-heart talks that seem to spawn from nothing. i love your sarcasm that i (so blonde-like) cannot catch at times, and i love the large, fancy words you use that you have to explain to me after you say them.

i don't know. i think that in this best-friendship you taught me what it's like to hang on. you taught me that life isn't the same for other people as it is for me. and instead of just talking, maybe i should just sit back and listen. and you taught me that some people don't communicate in the same way i do. so instead of hugging, maybe i should just tell you about that funny... thing i saw on tumblr. we aren't all the same. and we shouldn't be treated all the same. and, i don't know. it's funny that you're younger than me, and yet, you're helping me get wiser. so, i guess i should thank you for that.

i love your eyes. sometimes they're blue and sometimes they're green, or maybe it's the lighting on skype, but i love your eyes. i love it when you remove the veil of consciousness and just let yourself smile, laugh. besides, with that pale skin colour of yours, it's nice to be reminded that you don't have fangs (i know you're not a vampire, but maybe you should go outside more. please don't sparkle. that's just wrong). i love your hair. and it's unmistakenly-undecidedly-auburn-ness. you should keep it that colour. really, it looks good on you.

i love the way you walk. with your love for assassin's creed and blu-ray and superheroes, this is the one thing that's really girly about you. like when you wear a skirt, it swishes to each side as your feet take another step forward. or when you wear shorts, your hips sway just a little more. which is slightly abbey-esque, because she'd do exactly the same things. speaking of abbey, i love your knees. really, you shouldn't not like them, because they're adorable.

those who don't know us wouldn't know. and to be completely honest, i need you too. when most people get to know me, they find me strange because i'm so different from who they are. but you just laugh and let it be. you make fun of me but that's just your demeanor. you don't think me any different. sometimes we have misunderstandings, sometimes we disagree, but i don't love you any less. in fact, i love you even more. and really? i'd be rather miserable if i didn't have you as a friend. besides, without you, i wouldn't know you who tom hiddleston was. and that would be sacrilegious (spelled that right the first time, audrey. you grammar nazi you).

so, today's your first day of school. ninth grade. ermagorsh, my baby's growing up so fast. i can't exactly expect you to smile and say hi, but i want you to sit up straight, say no to drugs, get good grades, and be yourself. stop shaking (motherly instinct). even if a war horse podcast helps you to. think about the leather pants. and by the way, even though some people think you're not all that great, i think you're absolutely wonderful.

oh yes. this will surely get me an 'i love you' tonight. but really. i love you, sweetie.
even this letter doesn't do it justice. 
-kiss kiss kiss, better be quiet because dad's downstairs-
{pea ess: seven paragraphs. six excluding the very first one. score.}


  1. you're such a lovely bestfriend to audrey (i almost said nova because that's who she is on facebook. haha). wait, is that her real name? i just confused myself. but yeah. she's so blessed to have someone like you as a bestie. :)

  2. This is such a lovely letter to your friend. Your imagery was so vivid in my mind as I read about her, that I truly knew what Audrey is like. Who she is. (Who is Audrey by the way? How do you know her?)

    This is an incredible piece of writing. Would you mind if I shared it?

    ~Kate <3

    1. i met audrey through blogging. it's funny, isn't it? we found out we lived near each other, and when i was on a trip to my grandparent's, i met her the first time. SOOO fun. we went to camp together and i watched a movie at her house. and we've talked... literally everyday in between. i love her so much.

  3. Awww...such a sweet post! She is a beauty.

  4. That is very very sweet!! I wish someone wrote to me a letter too :(

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  5. Awwhh this is so sweet. Every girl needs a bestfriend. (:


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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