if autumn is the prince, i am sleeping beauty (and he will kiss me awake.)

i don't know. maybe i like autumn because the weather is cooler, because i'll need warm pajamas and extra blankets on my bed that i can cart downstairs to keep from freezing. maybe i like autumn because of the spontaneous trips to the grocery store, coming back with the ingredients for apple crisp and vanilla ice cream, and maybe anne of green gables or dr. quinn medicine woman marathons on couch with mommy. maybe i like autumn because of the scent (pear and apple crisp; mint; old blankets; dusty vinyl records; wax candles; cocoa powder), or the wanderlustic books that seem to fill the library, or how the music i listen to slowly seems to become more eloquent; maybe dissonant. maybe i like autumn because the leaves fade from their green color to the hues of auburn before finally turning brown. maybe i like autumn because while summer is a good time to be in love, summer doesn't usually end well, and in autumn we can go to coffee shops together and study together crunch leaves together. a magic that summer doesn't really have. i don't know.

maybe i like autumn because i'm just tired of the fact that it's been one hundred degrees everyday for the past three weeks.

but then again, i'm going to pretend i like autumn because it's a good time to be in love. because i really feel alive and awake and aware in autumn. like i'm in a deep sleep and the crisp, falling leaves kiss my abnormally pink cheeks awake. so if autumn is the prince, i am sleeping beauty (and he will kiss me awake).

some photos as of late:
carry on.
incidentally, as i wrote this post, it started to rain.
-kiss kiss kiss, huzzah-


  1. these are gorgeous, Jocee. and simply beautiful writing. :) i lovelovelove the first picture. :)

    Mikailah @ finding beauty

  2. beautiful:)I love the chilly breezes and colorful leaves of Autumn <3 oh those shades in the first pic are super snazzy:)

  3. of course, it's completely coincidental that as soon as you wrote something so beautiful, the sky would begin to cry. :) amazing post, jocee. (oh, and also, the flare in that first pic made me swoon.)


  4. Autumn is the best! (By the way--I totally love the post title) Lovely pictures as well, the first is my favorite!

  5. I love autumn like crazy!! It is my most favorite season ever!! :) I love bundling up in a bajillion layers and drinking hot chocolate and seeing the trees change colors. And did I mention that I love wearing sweaters and boots? Oh joy, yes!! :)


    p.s. and last night I listened to the Beatles for the first time ever - on vinyl records, of course. :) it was amazing.

  6. i am so ready for autumn.. really. it is my favorite season ever.

  7. oooh! This is so loverly. I adore Autumn. I can't wait for it to get here.
    Love those pictures! Those sunglesses in the first picture are epic.
    It's raining here too. <3

  8. Autumn is tops. My favorite, probably. And 100 degrees every day? Goodness girl...you have my pity and are way stronger than I am. Little northern girl I am I wilt in the heat :)

  9. Ugh Jocee your pictures are just too wonderful. like something you would find on pinterest.

  10. Also, Florida is just horrible weather wise right now. You would think it would be sunny, but it's actually been raining almost every day this summer. It's not the good kind of rain either because it's humid and tropical storm-ish. Sighhh. I've filled my life with fall scented things to fill that hole in heart that won't be satisfied until November.

  11. I love the Keep Calm and Carry On... notebook I think it is? I so need one of those!


  12. What a sweet post :) i love it.
    I absolutely love Autumn and for most of the reasosns you said :)

  13. I have just been wanting cool weather! To be able to wrap up in a jacket, that merry feeling you get, the beauty of it.... ahhh.....

  14. I love this so much! Autumn is amazing and this describes why so well. :)

    Hannah <3

  15. I'm insanely crazily excited about autumn coming so close, too! :)
    And what kind of currency is that?

    1. it's british currency from the cayman islands :) my uncle and aunt when there on vacation and that's what they brought me back. totally awesome, isn't it? i look like audrey hepburn with the glasses. ;)

  16. I don't know if I've commented before, but I really enjoy reading your blog. I
    can't wait for autumn! BTW, I love the picture with the British money. So cool!


  17. Love this post. I'm looking to Autumn too! :)

  18. why are you so good at putting feelings like this into words??!! no but seriously. you're wonderful.

  19. i can't wait for fall, either!! :) and that first picture is SUPER british. #iloveyou #youreawesome

  20. It's so sad we don't have fall here - it's like summer all year! (except no break from school!)

  21. I like fall because it's the inbetween weather and there are beautiful colors within the leaves of the trees. But in Hawaii, we don't have that. It's sun or rain. I don't mind, I just don't like freezing temperatures or super duper hot weather. which I'm glad Hawaii is pretty calm in terms of weather.

  22. love this post!!
    what a great blog! Im your newest follower! :)


  23. the. first. photo. GAAAH. Also, your writing. is. so. good.

    aaand, yes. I [heart] fall. pumpkin spice lattes, crisp leaves underfoot, the woolliest of sweaters, musty scents, new boots, and lots of books: fall is a beautifulbeautiful season.


  24. This is amazing! Your shots, your words. gah, you're great


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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