if you're nervous it just means you care.

seriously, though, i remember calling my grandma on the phone at age three telling her i got three things in the mail from my other grandma. i remember her replying, saying “my! you’re rich!” and continuing on with such enthusiasm.
and now, i’m fifteen years old, and i’m about to head off to my first day at community college (dual-credit classes). i couldn’t be more nervous, but mom says that only means i care. i mean, good grief. where has the time gone? 
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i wore a blue tropical-print maxidress, brown and white cardigan, champagne flats, multi-coloured clutch, the scent of fresh wildflowers and an imposing red and black (full to the brim) laptop bag as i stepped on the community college campus. as i observed my surroundings (a fountain and sculpture to my right, a building on the left, and fellow students all around) i felt a bit out of place with my dress and more-than-slightly bulging laptop bag. i caught a few people staring as i walked into building 4000, and fumbled around for my class schedule.

that is, of course, until i realised i didn't have it with me. fail. i had a general idea of where my classroom was, but the words of my mother kept going off in my head: ask ask ask. so i stopped in a nearby office, where a man, who resembled an older version of chase from zoey 101, sat at a desk with an iMac atop it. i confessed that i didn't know where the heck i was going, and with a reassuring smile, he led me to my proper classroom, where i found then, that he was my professor. what luck!

until the doors were opened, i sat on a bench adjacent to the off-white walls of the hallways and watched as dozens passed me by. some looked, some didn't even glance. but i didn't mind either. and because time flies by, i found myself sitting in the front row of a classroom with a blackboard and musical staffs painted in.

you are stuck with me all year, my professor said. what luck! i want you to know that when i say something, i am completely serious, but i will most likely have a smile on my face, because i can't help but smile. right then, i was put at ease. his hands shook a little as he read the names off of his list, and the hour and twenty minutes it took to teach the class went by in no time, because time flies.

i have to admit, that right now, i don't mind growing up anymore. i'm sure that will change once i get my first utility bill in the mail, but for now, i like the hustle and bustle of a college campus, energy drinks on the seats next to me, and libraries that smells of crisp paper and ink. i like the fountain that spews out water and the flowers that are braving this texas heat even though august is coming to a close. and i absolutely adore the sound of beethoven in my ears as i study (moonlight sonata, a classic, of course).

date: august 27th, 2012.
time: 11:36am.
first subject: music theory.
notebook color: yellow.
pencil color: navy blue.
junior/freshman year: you're gonna love me. 

-kiss kiss kiss, let's go study-
{pea ess: that cute little guy up there? that's my friend asher. i hung out with him yesterday. and he is so darn precious.}


  1. Aren't you only in like grade 10? :)

    1. that was last year. i'm in 11th grade now, but if you're a junior or senior in high school you can take dual-credit classes at community college. at least, that's the way it is where i am :)

  2. soooo happy that you had a succseful day Jocee! That sounds awesome! I too am looking at colleges for next year. I will be going for film, so heres the deal, I'll make the movies and you make the music score. deal ;)

  3. This is such a beautiful post! I hope you have a good time in your dual classes! I actually have my first day of college tomorrow! Scary/exciting stuff!
    xo Heather

  4. Duude I started college classes today too. They went pretty darn good, actually. Except I have to know how to say, write, and read the greek alphabet for a test tomorrow. We'll see how that part goes.

  5. yay for you girlie girl! i'm so excited for ya ;D

  6. oh and the story of you and your grandma is ohso precious.

  7. Hey, i love this post! by the way i awarded you on my blog! (http://saffssanctuary.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/inspiring-blogger-award.html)
    Saff x

  8. so glad your first day was great! and it's pretty awesome that you're already taking college classes :)

  9. I'm so happy for you! And the way you said it all in this post? Amazing. :)

  10. Goooosh. You need to be a writer.

    .. :)

  11. Jocee. seriously. seriously, you've killed me dead with this post and your design and you attending college and being you. seriously.

  12. this is like, crazy wonderful. because you are, too :)

  13. so proud of you! have a GREAT semester girl! :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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