this is jess. jess is britishly.

darling, you're boring me.
{from jess's flickr account}
this is jess. jess is beautiful. jess is new zealander/british, which makes her even more beautiful.

yesterday was saturday, which meant i didn't have much to do, and when you're in my house and you don't have much to do, you're immediately drafted into the cleaning committee. that is so not fetch. i felt in the mood for skyping, and after getting to chat with ryan gracie and anna gray, i figured it was about time to chat with the ever-lovely accented jess. so i did.

and lemme tell you guys: she is so adorable. her accent is precious, and she and her family sound like something out of downton abbey, i swear. and according to her and her brother, american barbecue is fantabulous, and i could pass for someone from essex. my life is officially complete. now, all i need is a passport.

like peter, who's also british, i decided to carpe diem and interview jess for the blog. so if you've been looking for some britishly things to eat, i have just the thing. 

f o r  b r e a k f a s t.
muesli (a form of granola) with various mixed berries and a glass of milk.

f o r  l u n c h
chicken or beef salad, which includes lettuce, various cheeses, cucumber, and onion dressing.

Bill's Classic Burger @Bill's Burger & Bar
f o r  d i n n e r.
lamb, steak, or burgers, with raw cauliflower salad and beans. sometimes yorkshire pudding.

f o r  d e s s e r t. 
ice cream, white chocolate biscuits (cookies), berries with cream.

5 o'clock
t o  d r i n k.
red bush tea, south african tea, or fizzy pop (soda).

oh, yes. i absolutely adore this girl. can you guess what i'll be dining on for the rest of my life? with a side of cupcakes, of course.
-kiss kiss kiss, keep calm and carry on-
{pea ess: photo sources - here, here, here, here, and here.}
{pea pea ess: as inspired by this post.}


  1. Very typical British food :) very true too.

  2. Yay for Skype and meeting...erm...talking to new people! :-D

  3. yep, she is totally cool!!! so are you:)
    speaking of English cookies..have you ever heard of Digestives? they are like a cookie with a chocolate coating on top:) they are delicious!!

  4. heeeeeyyy thar! it's me! haha. and it's so good to find out what I eat day to day. love you! post on you is coming up too!

  5. oh goodness, that last picture, gorgeous!

  6. Haha, never knew these were actually Britishly! I mean they're like my (almost) everyday food. And yes she is indeed beautiful. Well so are you! ♥

    Living in Australia all my life doesn't make my accent any better or even British-er. Ahh.

  7. but did you know that dessert is called 'pudding' and dinner is very often called 'tea'? yes -- i'm serious! :)
    also, I really (read: REALLY like this post.) amen and amen.


    1. i know, dearie! it's just that jess doesn't like to call lunch dinner and all that jazz, and it was really less confusing for me. americans are so boring. i think i'll just completely be british, starting now.

  8. you two are amazing girls and i love your blogs!!! british stuff is oh so the best methinks! :)

  9. Gah, this is lovely! British people are awesome :) x
    - Jianine

  10. I adore this post! She seems absolutely dolly. That burger looks delish and that last photo is looooverly. <3

  11. jess is beyond awesome. just like YOU. :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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