going back to my roots.

if you've been reading cupcake dictionary from the very beginning, you've seen the changes that have occurred from the end of january 2011 to now: september 2012. and one of the things that changed is my love for narnia. i mean, i still love it, seriously, don't get me wrong, but i stopped telling you that; i stopped showing you. 

it alarms me how people can just stop doing something. just drop it like it never happened. for instance, i used to love american girl dolls. and then one day, my interests changed. i still have those dolls, i still look at them everyday. but i don't wonder if, after i close my bedroom door, they come alive and have stories of their own that they can actually tell. i don't sleep with them and i don't tell them i love them anymore. i just stopped. 

lately, i've had one or two comments from a few readers. some have blogs, some don't. but they loved the way it was back then, when i had a million photos of william moseley in my posts, and my post titles rambled on in all caps, and i didn't give a fig what everyone else thought, i just did what i did and that was that. i guess i have changed. maybe we all have. blogging teaches us things, about how to act and the proper etiquette.  it demands what we should and shouldn't like, because if we don't like those things, we won't grow and we won't get popular. and people have said i've changed because i've become like this. i can't really deny that i have, even though i think they want me too. i mean, not that they hate the blog, it's just that some qualities about it just disappeared. it happens to everyone. you know?

well, as captain america said when loki commanded him to kneel: "not today."
so. william moseley. this boy has grown. up. i can hardly remember him as the young peter pevensie in 2005's the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. i mean, other than the fact that that was seven years ago, he was just a really young kid then. now, he's twenty-five {!!!} and has one heck-of-a-jawline, and has gotten a few roles since the last narnia movie.

and i saw one of them today, after doing a bit of research. in perception, he's cocky, with a very posh, high British accent, and it's delicious. the show itself isn't something that would keep me coming back for every episode, but i quite like his. and i've been stuck in a British accent for three hours since.
and did you know he's starring in this coming-of-age film called RUN? yeah. if you didn't know, then you should go watch the trailer now, and let yourself be at a loss for words for a couple of hours. or days. or the rest of your life. well that escalated quickly. 

basically he's really beautiful and i really like him and i want to make him a batch of fresh cupcakes. so glad i got all that out in the open. here's looking at you, kid. and here's going back to your roots.
-kiss kiss kiss, run run run run run-
{pea ess: there's a reason why i just didn't delete that little spiff about him on my sidebar. i just can't let it/him go.}


  1. I know what you mean, and I think this post is perfect

  2. OMYFRIGGINGGOSH JOCEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally another Narnia post!!!!!!!! Ohmygosh. I'm like almost dancin up and down!! I've missed your Narnia posts SO MUCH. And ohmyword, Will is sooo flippin handsome now!! (Well, he always was. lol) I can not wait to see him in Run, and I watched the 'Perception' episode. I got this big grin on my face every time he came on the screen. lol

    Thank you so much for this!!


    p.s. you've been blogging for almost a year? feels like forever!!! haha

    1. haha, this so made my day. thank you so much for freaking out. (in a good way)

  3. yes, blogging does change us. but hey, it wouldn't be half as interesting if it didn't, right? ;)

    eve @ essence of eve

  4. Oh gosh, sooo...I'm not signed into my google account right now, but I just HAD to comment LIKE NOW when I saw you had this post up. Oh lordyy...look at our baby, all grown up! He's pretty much the definition of gorgeous! *tear slides down cheek*
    I must admit..I've missed those gooshy gaga-loud text-William Mosely lovin' post...but now matter what you do with this blog, girl, its gunna be pure awesomesauce. Just like you.
    Love ya!
    --Sue Sue

  5. Yays! He's pretty cool! :) Your blog posts are always amazing, no matter what they're about.
    I love Narnia. I used to think it was boring. But then I tried reading them again and wow, I realized how different I look at them since the time I started them. Same with Inkheart. I used to think it was boring but now it's one of my favorite books.
    I'm not sure if I told you this before, but you were the one that got me into reading the Narnia series again. That, and the fact that I was interested about Peter Pevensie because you describe him so wonderfully. XD


    1. Oh, I forgot. And the fact that I always feel so bad for not finishing a series. Whenever I don't finish a series, it's always on my mind.

  6. Hahaha, YESSSS. The amount of Mr. Hiddleston on my dashboard is starting to become rather disturbing (though he does groom himself well).

    1. HAHA! No, no, no, Hiddleston ftw!

    2. PREACH ABBY PREACH. (rachel: http://onabedoflace.tumblr.com/post/32194339637/people-who-think-tom-hiddleston-isnt-attractive)

    3. I admit.. I wasn't a Hiddleston fan when I first saw the Avengers..
      Buuut you may have just changed my mind. That dancing gif of him was rather amazing.

    4. I'm glad you all still love me.
      Not :(

    5. oh, lady. i still adore you. promise. it's just that tom is pretty. so. ;)

  7. Thanks so much for this post, jocee. :)
    You have matured as blogger, so I can see why you haven't posted about Narnia much.
    ooooooooh William. :P

    A cupcake dictionary fan

  8. blogging- love/hate relationship. things do change too quickly, for no reason other than being the best; but as bleah said, there is no best, really.

    and he.is.hott.
    mh, gracious.


  9. wow. I'm glad you haven't given this one up. It's good to be yourself. That's what that number up there all started with. 443 people could appreciate one person who didn't blog for the numbers, who didn't waste time on the design, and try to be something they weren't. Three cheers for you, Jocee.


    p.s. I love what you write about peter. every girl has someone like that. someone who shows us what a boy should be like, and makes us dream about what our someday.

  10. Changing. Ah yes. For me it is bittersweet to look back on the changing of me.

    Ya know, I didn't realize how much I missed seeing Will in a post. XD

    Looking back on some of my old posts, I'm far from wishing I hadn't changed into what I am now (don't look at them unless you want your eyes to bleed and you want your brain to get squeezed of all its brain juice), but I really do love this post. Change is something all bloggers encounter (or at least in my experience) and a lot of times people aren't okay with that. A lot of people, including myself, to a degree, don't like change. But you know what? Change happens. It happens to people, it happens to places, it happens to things. You can't change change, it just... changes.
    And here I am thinking I'm some awesome person who knows all about this stuff.
    But really, this post is one of my favs and I'm bookmarking it so I can read it again and again.

  12. So funny! Love this. And him. :)


  13. This is all so hilarious and cute! I love this post, Jocee. W.O.W Is that guy adorable or what? (Did I really just say that?) I know what you mean about the jawline. I think I am actually attracted to guys who have a prominent jawline. It's....irresistible.
    I previously had this major OBSESSION with Edward Cullen. (I'm not even kidding) And simultaneously I was in love with Jacob Black. (opposing sides, oh dear!) I look back on it now and I think, gosh was I an imbecile.

    I think every girl (and boy) goes through a stage of adoring something and then... it just stops. Just like that.
    It's so strange how we mature isn't it?

    In love with the post, Jocee dear! <3 You never disappoint.


  14. ahh, i loved this jocee! so much.
    i love your narnia posts ;)

  15. Oh I've been around for awhile..
    Who says you ever have to give up your childhood dreams? That stinks.
    Being an adult is soo over rated.

  16. Um yeah so I just kinda love this.=]
    This post just makes me so happy.
    Ahh, darling...you are just so lovable.=]



  17. This brought so many smiles to my face.
    You're awesome. :)


  18. Oh and just so you know I have been stalking your blog every hour, waiting for your next post. Yes, I am *slightly* addicted to your blog.;]


  19. i think change is important, to a certain degree. everybody changes, and it's how we grow and learn. what's important is making sure that you're changing not to impress anyone else or to try to fit in with a certain group of people. genuine change is gradual, unexpected, and isn't because of someone else. it's just apart of growing up. :]


  20. his jawline. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who notices these things. also his hands. okay done.

  21. Ohkay, I know I'm sososo late on commenting, but YES! I've missed your William Moseley posts, but change is a good thing and I know you can't forget him for good. (; And I so want to see Run...it looks good AND it has William in it so it has to be, haha. xo


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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