+ lately, i've been going to bed late, getting up early, cranking out essays on the imperfections of wal-mart's system, notating rhythms in 9/16 time, graphing inequalities [which no one cares about], watching andrew garfield be inevitably adorable in the amazing spiderman [oh yeah, emma stone was in that, too], eating froot loops with flavoured marshmallows in them, and composing for the 3rd annual texas young composers competition. this is why nutshells were created.

+ like abbey said in her most recent post, words about the weather tend to make their way into a conversation. usually in the first few sentences. as of now, it's drizzling lightly outside, and i can only tell because of the streetlight that they finally fixed. it's the sort of weather where you can open your windows [because it's only drizzling lightly] and let the A/C have a rest for the night, and you can let one of the coverlets down and let the goosebumps come freely. it'll be in the 70's as a high, and hopefully texas will straighten up and fly right and autumn can officially unpack its bags and rest easy.

+ like i said, i've been composing, so things are rather hectic around the house right now. my monday is history [first test week, oh joy], and so is the weekend, so i've been cramming in all sorts of orchestration in the time that's usually spent to breathe. however, i don't mind. composing is fun. but i might disappear. so if i do, you should guest post. anyone?

+ this may not be a nobel prize winning post, and i don't want to bore you, so i'll leave you with a quote. i went to a conference this evening [and met those guys with the world record for shooting basketball hoops at outrageous distances; i think they're called 'dude perfect'] called envision, and i can't tell you how much i was inspired. praying that you're still awake, i leave you with this:
Let your life be like a song. There will be ups and down, but you will always be moving forward. - Ronald Reagan
night night.
-kiss kiss kiss, live like that-


  1. I'd love to guest post for you, missy!

  2. life is crazy, but wonderful. (: thanks for the quote.

  3. I'm awake, even though I shouldn't be.
    I wish it was drizzling outside my window right now. That would be oh so nice.

    Lovely night, Jocee.

  4. I don't know why, but I want to cry. Your words are so perfect and that last quote reaalllllyyy fits in with my life right now.

    love you.


  5. Love the quote at the end :) And this is a good post! :)
    Kimmmy x

  6. "graphing inequalities [which no one cares about]" amen sister. this is the gospel truth.

  7. Heyyy! So, like, you're one of my favorite bloggers, and every post of yours makes me smile. :) Bye now.


    p.s. obsessed with 'more than this' by 1D. anyone else??

  8. some things i'd like to point out:

    1) that photo? GORGEOUS.

    2) your updates make me smile.

    3) OHMYWORD. i just started learning about inequalities and graphing. you mean they're going to morph the two???

    1. 1) thank you!
      2) gah. that makes my day.
      3) ...yeah. prepare to cry. i still can't do it.

  9. i could send you a guest post and you could decide if you want to put it up or not....even though i don't have a blog. is that allowed?? :)

    1. dear jocee, i am so very sorry i gave you an email that doesn't exist. that's what comes of absentmindedness, i suppose. it's a terrible curse.
      my correct email is claireoverthemoon@gmail.com
      i apologize!
      xxoo claire

  10. The picture is delightful.
    Do you play violin? I do.

  11. I think it is so incredibly minty biscuits that you compose. What do you play? And who are some of your favourite composers?

    Inequalities. Because math is basically pointless. ;)

    I would love to guest post for you! If you're interested, just drop me a note at helovesmeblog@gmail.com. xoxo

  12. love that photo. love your thoughts. and I'd really love to hear some of your compositions sometime. (: also I'm up for a guest post if you're desperate...


    THIS IS WHY YOU'RE AWESOME. and i totally enjoyed this post, dearie. <3

  14. Great post. I like that quote. :)
    It's so funny, I've been wanting to write about Wal-mart's imperfections conspiracy theories on Wal-mart.

  15. Hi!
    #I absolutely love your blog to bits and I was wondering if you would drop by my blog and tell me what you think? I haven't been blogging very long so I'm not sure...lol.
    I am a new follower by the way!


  16. The way to compose your posts and words is so lovely, you're like a natural :)
    lovely image too, missed checking your blog out as much as i used too. Bag blogger i know.

  17. it's ok jocee. your words are wonderful. love ya!


  18. You sound like me and other college students in that first paragraph! Except the competition. :D Lovely picture!

  19. this was just perfection. glad your life is hectic in a good way right now.
    btw, i'd be happy to guest-post for you darling? email me? xo


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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