take your place at the bottom of the sea; i know you'll be there waiting for me.

pie in a jar.
summer sky
goodnight, summer.
goodnight to your cool,
breezy nights and the ice you
stuffed down our backs and
the windows you opened while
we were taking our naps.
goodnight to the vivid colours
of sunrise; we will see something
altogether more beautiful as we
into fall.
goodnight, my darling
goodbye, we cry;
we wave as you take the slow-motion plunge
into the glistening teal waters,
maybe shedding a tear and maybe
collecting the warmth you cast
onto our skin so we can
frame it on
our wall of
priceless things to
and when your light is gone,
and the autumn sun takes
your position,
we won't be able to grasp it,
the end of your reign.
but that's okay
because you're coming back again
after the winter and spring suns
do their time.
so take your place
at the bottom
of the sea; i know
you'll be there waiting
for me.

yeah. i guess this is goodbye. until next year, that is. there are so many things i've bottled up to remember from this summer. the space is limited so i may have to uncork them to make room for next year's things, but for now, i'll revel in the inside jokes that paved the way for the giggle-snort sessions and water-chugging contests all throughout these one hundred and four days. it was here today, you know. the first few signs of autumn. in the midst of the fading summer heat, i felt it. the breeze on my collarbone, a few leaves falling on the campus grounds prematurely. but it all seemed to fit into the picture. the painting that kept on getting added to, by everyone who recognised the coming cold. 

anyway, happy autumn. how's school, everyone?
-kiss kiss kiss, flutterby-


  1. As for school, I'm so ready for it, but we don't start until next week... as for autumn, I'm even more so ready for that. Words cannot even describe... And as for summers goodbye, its truly bittersweet, but change and new beginnings are good.

  2. I just started school yesterday. It's alright, but the climate is still summery, which can be a drag when all you have for sources of relief from the heat are water, fans, showers, and the rain.

  3. jocee. this.is.beautiful. like seriously, your words are perfect, gah. lovelove. (:

  4. wow, what a beautiful poem. a lot of changes are coming in my life right now, and i'm excited but also kind of scared! yet i am so ready for fall weather and fall-ness #yesijustinventedaword

    abbie / xoxox

  5. these are some of your best Jocee! I LOVE the mason jar, table, lens flare film-ey type one LOL! AWESOME!

  6. This is lovely, Jocelyn. And so are your photos. <3
    How long have you been playing the piano?
    And I'm happy to say goodbye to summer, (go ahead, hate me) -I adore fall and winter more! *SWEATERS!*

    p.s At first, I thought the apple dessert/pie looked like shrimp in some sort of white sauce. I'm serious! From a distance, that's what it looked like. (I feel like a moron right now)

    ~Kate @ in pursuit

  7. This was absolutely loverly. Everything- just everything about this post - makes my heart warm. xo

  8. Love this post and all of your photos! also love what you did with design of your blog! So glad to be following :)

  9. Pretty pictures! Nice poem! :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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