let's take a pause.

to stop pining.
abby commented on my next to last post and said something that was so relevant and i think you all need to read it:
Constructive criticism may not be meant to be put in a way that makes the receiver of it feel bad, but sometimes that's what happens. That's why you have to be extremely careful with your words, that's when holding your tongue on some things comes in, and you have to let it go. I think constructive criticism is great! But when given the wrong way, it does absolutely nothing to construct, and instead demolishes.
I see nothing wrong with your photos - I see the blur as intended, I see the grain as your own style. Maybe they're not some other popular blogger's photos, but they're yours, Jocee, and they're unique in the best way possible, and they're special, and they're beautiful.

Why anonymous always strikes at you I don't know. But hold your head up, dear, because not everyone is going to like everything you do, and that's no reason at all to quit. :-)

i'm just going to shut up and let this sink in, because i think i, and everyone, should let the quiet put things where they need to be [credit: perks of being a wallflower]. on a different note, i found a pinecone at school the other day and i'm playing around with this tutorial. but more on that later. and now, back to your regularly scheduled posting. 
-kiss kiss kiss, it's easier to pine-


  1. Amen Abby!! Jocee, I was sorry when I saw those comments on your next to last post. I thought your pictures were wonderful and altogether super cute. I'm glad you don't let people's words hurt you and you stay true to yourself. :)



  2. she said that beautifully, Jocee. And I totally agree, your photos are beautiful and unique for you, and that's the most important thing about photography!

  3. That girl.. Is hardcore awesome!

  4. God made all of us with talents, things to be encouraged for. I'm sure you, anonymous, have a lot of incredible gifts that should be noticed and admired too.

    Every "anonymous" trying to tear down, please consider building up. Just try it, and see how awesome and alive you feel afterwards. You'll be changed in an indescribable way. Instead of focusing on bad, maybe take a look at all that's good. This world is a incredible place when we take time to glance around at all the beauty in it. And we all have the blessing of being able to plant seeds in everyone we meet. We can show them insults that can hurt, or encouragement that can heal and brighten.

  5. Jocee, I just read those comments. I 100% disagree. I want to take pictures like YOU. Because I can see "Jocee" in the pictures you take. It is your style, and that is a very good thing.;] Honey, never listen to those people. I absolutely love your photos! You do such a good job. NEVER CHANGE. Because quite frankly, the main reason I read your blog is because your words, your photos--they are all so YOU. You are who you are, and I just love that. You are one of my favorite bloggers, and you are an amazing girl-never let anyone tell you different.=]


  6. such a lovely picture. you're pretty awesome.

  7. abbey is such an awesome gal. and this was beautiful. and that is all i have time to say. loveyoulotskaybye. xo

  8. Abbey does have a way of saying things that are so true adn helpful, and always make you feel better! I love the way you've written what she wrote out and I'm constantly going to refer to it! :)
    You are both so awesome...just sayin'!

  9. Never let anyone dictate your own style. Because it wouldn't be called your style if it really wasn't yours. Never let anyone make you compromise the way you think, the way your write, the way you take pictures. Because those photos which many people apparently think are called grainy, fake, low quality--they are beautiful and they have your style written all over them.

    Which means I completely agree with what Abby said. And I completely agree that you should continue taking those gorgeous vsco photos. You've actually convinced me to try it some day.

  10. By the way, I nearly forgot to ask, you don't use Blogger as your photo host? I noticed you use either Photobucket or Flickr. Does Blogger "cut off" or refuse to upload images (if you've already uploaded a lot) as I think I've heard some people say?

    1. yes, it does. i experienced this awhile ago, and since used flickr and/or photobucket. i've switched over to imgur, though, since photobucket and i are having issues. flickr is the best, though, just know that you have to start paying them after you upload 200 photos.

  11. Well, everyone seems to have said everything that needs to be said, but really, Jocee. I just wanted to say that I have seen your replies to some of the rude comments you've received recently, and I greatly admire your attitude and gracious behavior. I don't know what Anonymous thinks they are gaining by their rudeness. All they're doing is proving their bitter and jealous personality.

    But you know what? I don't get on your blog to see pictures or read words that are exactly like mine or "what I would do." I get on The Cupcake Dictionary because I want to see JOCEE, the Jocee we all know and love who loves cupcakes and pictures. I love seeing your personality, your love for life, and your energy totally emerge from the style of your pictures and the way you write. This blog and your pictures are totally YOU, and that's what I love. Sure, Anonymous may not care for the way you edit your pictures or whatever, but you know, this isn't Anonymous's blog. So there.

    Keep up the good work, m'dear. You rock! And don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

  12. That was beautifully put, Abby. *applauds loudly*

  13. *applause*
    No wonder...I was thinking "What is that peach colored stuff in the corner?" xD


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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