cupcakeing, v.10.

i wanted to make actual cupcakes but we didn't have any and no one felt like getting any, so i attempted to watercolour a cupcake for today's two year blogoversary of cupcake dictionary. please note: i attempted. i'm not an expert, but watercolouring is really fun, so it wasn't a total loss. be honest: it's probably really bad.

for this blog post, i know i didn't want to say the typical "i've been hitting the publish button for two years now; i didn't think my blog would go this far," sort of thing. but now that i think about it, i didn't know what i wanted to say at all. i just wanted it to be a good day and i wanted it to be something that i remembered. but to be cliche for a moment, i can't believe it's been two years and i can't believe my blog has gotten this far. oh hey, now i know what i want to talk about. 

so, it's come to my attention that this blog has become very popular. and along with that, i've found myself being referred to as a popular blogger. and i've been talking to my friends about it, asking them what they believe constitutes the use of the word, and asking them if they see me as a product of it. and they said yes, with some exceptions.

popular, in today's world of blogging, means you have a certain amount of followers. it means you get a certain amount of comments and it means you have a certain amount of people that you hang out with. your name has become a household name of sorts, and you've been selected to sit on this... pedestal for all other bloggers to become more like you. and to me, that is not okay. and i've seen what popularity can do and what it has done. and i don't want to be like that. i want to remember where i've come from, how i got where i am, and i want to remember the people who i've made friends with along the way. i don't want to be made up into this unattainable figure that you can only wish your life was like, i just want to be myself. and i want to be your friend. and i want you all to talk to me and confide and me and i don't want you to be afraid of me. because i'm just jocelyn. i'm really not a big deal and i don't want to be. i just want to be me. i want to like cupcakes and narnia and the avengers and tom hiddleston and basically anything and everything british. i don't want to only blog about fashion or travel or food. i want to shine my light to the world and i want to encourage all of you to do the same thing. but more on that later.

basically, i want to be your friend and i want you to be mine. so this year, just go ahead and talk to me. i'll respond. tell me about your favourite movie or favourite song or even your favourite cupcake flavour. it might be my favourite too. just relax. and smile. and put your feet up, because i might make you a cup of tea. 

happy blogaversary (seriously how do i spell that word?!) to me. 
-kiss kiss kiss, all the huzzahs-


  1. DANG. How are you so good at drawing? How is EVERYONE but me?! My stick men taunt me... Anywhooo, happy 2 years to you, and this wonderful blog! :) I'm glad to have met you friend. Hugs, congrats, and many cupcakes!

  2. happy blogaversary, jocee! this is absolutely wonderful. i totally agree to everything :) it's nice to hear you say these things, keep up the great blogging! (p.s. my fave cupcake flavour is chocolate, haha)

  3. happy blogaversary! i love your blog. because you're awesome and your writing is awesome (and your art) but mostly because you're the most real blogger i've stalked ;) you're so you-ish. i love it. it seeps through your writing and you write the same way you FB chat. except sometimes in FB you rant about TH..

    oh wait. you do that on your blog too ;) basically what i'm trying to say is, don't ever stop being you. your writing style is awesome. your blog is awesome and so are you. oh wait i said that already. ok whatever. don't mind me. my brain is not in control of the words my fingers are typing today hfkajfhkajhgankjbaupan <-see? ok bye! xx

  4. Can you make that cupcake strawberry flavored? 'Cause I never had a strawberry flavored cupcake. Like. Never. Unless it's just pink frosting and strawberry flavor doesn't exist...that'd be sad...they made red velvet which is basically cherry (or is it raspberry?) and they don't have strawberry. Unless they do. I'm missing out on a lot of things in this world. My favorite cupcake flavor is mint and vanilla. Yep. Plain vanilla. Chocolate tastes plasticy to me for some reason...*another weird moment for me*

    I still haven't looked up who Tom Hiddleston is. I should. i'm kinda over edmund now. i mean. i never really thought about it. it's a long story that will make this comment superb long and i don't think you would want that many words...xD actually...i mean...never mind.
    YOU WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH ME?! OHMIGOSHBUBBLES ARE YOU SERIOUS!? BUT I'M NOBODY! YOU CAN'T BE...okay, i've been a wittle bit dramatic lately...*ishouldtotallyjointhedramaclubatourschool*

    Yeah, I'd totally want to be friends with you.


    1. well. it looks like you've got a fangirl, jocee. REPLY TO HER COMMENT. ;)

    2. 1) of course the cupcake can be strawberry flavoured! just for you.
      2) vanilla is my favourite flavour as well!
      3) if you don't like tom hiddleston my opinion of you will be forever changed ;) (just kidding but seriously YOU MUST LOVE HIM)
      4) of course, darling! i love making friends with people.

  5. dang girl. it's been two years already? i remember when you were just a little youngster and you had first started your blog. you've come so far, be proud! :)

  6. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!! My favorite movie is Les Mis. Happy Blogoversary once again!


  7. Happy blogaversary, Jocee dear! I'm so glad we're friends and I will always and forever be reading your blog because you are a beautiful, real, down-to-earth person. xoxo

  8. Jocee... you're honestly one of the most amazing bloggers ever. Because... you're real and honest, and you're also so sweet and awesome. I'd love to be friends with you!! :) I'm from TX too. ;)


  9. Happy blogaversary, Jocee!!! I love reading your posts; they are so honest and creative and your pictures are always lovely!

  10. Darling, you do so well already making everyone feel at home- it's a gift you have. You have always been one of those more well known bloggers who really respected the "little" people. I am so glad of your goals and so proud that you have been blogging for two years.

    Ya go gurl!

  11. aw, that is so exciting, Jocee! congrats, darling, and can i just say, this blog post was (IS) beautiful. :) you've always been one who talks to and respects the 'little' people, and even though i don't know you personally very well, i know you have a beautiful heart, and are a beautiful person. :)

    (and Gabby, i'm not copying you. haha. just read your comment. ;))

    ::hugs:: and all that jazz.


  12. You are my favorite blogger.

    You're funny. You're creative. And most importantly, you're real.
    And beastly at drawing.:)

    Happy Blogoversary!

  13. happy blog-a-versary! you go girl. ;) xx

  14. Happy blogaversary! You're such a lovely and genuine person, your posts always make me smile :)
    And my favourite film is probably the Les Mis film or the Narnia films... :)
    Kimmy x

  15. yay, happy blogversary!


    in other words, pleasepleaseplease keep on blogging and continue being an inspiration to us all. and i can't tell you HOW much i've enjoyed reading the comments you've left on my blog in the past year or two - you're so loving and sweet.


    acacia xx

  17. HAPPY BLOGAVERSERY TO YOU JOC!!!!!! I'm trying to remember the first time I 'met' you in this li'l land we call Blogger, but I just don't remember. Its been a looong time ago! hahaha Prolly around the time I made 'Free to Be Me' I'm guessing. :) Which was two years ago in Oct. of 2012!

    I'm soo glad we're friends Joc! You've been a wonderful encourager, friend and a blogging inspiration for me!! Okay so I'll tell you my favorite cupcake flavour: its vanilla. Cuz I don't get cupcakes all that often, and its the favorite kind I've ever had. But I betcha I would loove strawberry!! :)

    I love you!

    **Narnians Forever**



sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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