shoe shopping.

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the best part about shopping at DSW is the fact that size 11 is marked with a big, neon green sticker. the next best part about shopping at DSW is the fact that i'm shopping at DSW. if you've read the blog for awhile and have caught the less-than-rare fashion post, you know that i don't shop. it's not my choice, though, honestly. if i have a driver's license i would shop all the time. but since i don't drive yet, and my parents both hate shopping, i look forward to grandma's visits as though shopping would go out of style. so on this current visit, grandma noticed that my everyday loafers were, well, about to expire. so commence the trip to the designer shoe warehouse. incidentally, i wanted a pair of beyond-hipster-people boots, a pair of black converse just like hers (my grandma is so cool like she has cooler shoes than me; also my last pair were stolen. #boo), and is exactly what i got. so, bless you, grandma. 

and now, to trapeze around downton in denim button-downs and coral skinny jeans with an iced latte in hand because 1), it's pretty warm in texas for the winter (surprise surprise), and 2), i'm too #hypster to be #hipster. 

-kiss kiss kiss, bazinga!-
{pea ess: these shots were freelensed. i don't even know why i stopped doing it.}


  1. ehehe... hurrah for grandmothers! My Mammaw does the same with me... but she is a, shall we say, an elegant southern belle? And my love for country plaids always scares her. But we truce with tea and downtown antique exploring.

    Love this post, darling!
    And may I borrow your lovely boots? 'Cause I love them like lots.

  2. 1) I'm wearing my almost forgotten converse right now, actually. I wanted to wear shoes that were lonely this morning.

    2) I want those boots.

    3) How is your grandma so awesome.

    4) I almost have my by myself license, let's go shopping.

  3. BOO YOU. Now I'm all sorts of jelly.. What size do you wear? Because I really reaaally wouldn't mind taking those shoes from you if you don't want them...

  4. Size 11 you say? I'll try and grow my feet.

  5. YOUR BOOTS. They are so cute! Also freelensing is just plain awesome

  6. Your free lensing is fabulous...these gifs are adorable!

  7. oh my goodness. i went to visit a friend in fort worth back in august, and she took me to dsw. it was my first visit and i kinda fell in love. i almost bought a pair of sperry's topsiders, but they didn't have the color i wanted. grrrr. but yeah. dsw is just the coolest place and why oh why don't they have them in oklahoma...

  8. #ilovefreelensandilooooveeyou

    oh, and #ilovenewshoes #especiallyyourshoes

    we're crazy the way we always use hashtags. ;P :)


  9. too #hypster to be #hipster... we should make a movement out of this, or something. also, i can't wait to meet your grandma. she sounds a lot like mine. and i love my grandma. xx

    ( the alcove )

  10. I like DSW because the rare shoes size 6 1/2 is always present. <3 Imagine knee-high lace-up real leather boots, for under $50. Yep, that's what I scored. DSW and I forever best friends. ;D

    Cute shoes! Your grandmother sounds like da bomb dot com. ;)

  11. Who is evil enough to steal black converse? I would die if mine got stolen. Beautiful shoes and pictures :) I want to meet your grandma :) She sounds awesome...
    Keep growing beautiful!

  12. converse are cute with dresses!!! i also loooove boots! i don't shop at DSW very often cuz its more expensive than what i can afford (or what my family can afford) but i'm glad you've found great deals there! :)


  13. I'm size 11 too...I might just steal those off you, they look awesome, Jocee! :)

  14. I am very slow at finding out the meanings of letters that stand for words so when I saw the (what do you call it) DSW I was trying to figure out what it stood for until you wrote it said 'designer shoes warehouse'...Figuring out the meaning of words are one of my weaknesses...

    I love the first GIF. Looks awesome. And there's a leaf! YAY!

  15. I love both of those pairs of your shoes! Ah DSW I love that place, I have the opposite problem at DSW though, do you know how hard it is to find a 8 1/2, they're nearly impossible to find! Oh well.. xx

  16. Sorry, deary, my grandma is still cooler than yours.


  17. i just began watching The Big Bang Theory and so now im in on the joke. bazinga!
    and the comment you made on my blog totally made my whole day jocee, just letting you know.

  18. those are really nice picks you have there :) I actually have a pair of boots and sneakers myself that looks like yours! hooray for grandmothers, since my parents both don't like the very idea of shopping as well, haha x


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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