good morning.
hey, i murmur, clutching my mug closer to my face. how are you?
i'm good. ha, you cold?
eh. i just woke up. throat's a bit sore like it is every morning. and i'm always cold, no matter what. sometimes even in the summer.
i would make you something hot to drink but it looks like you're ahead of me. he points to the cocoa that steams through the foam skin. 
yeah. i try not to talk much in the morning, actually. you're my exception today.
nice to know that i'm special.
always, i smile, letting a few teeth show. i start talking again, vacantly, almost to no one in general. i don't know. every morning when i get out of bed, i put on socks, maybe a sweatshirt, brush my teeth so my mouth isn't closed solid, drink a lot of liquid to wake me up, and i'm still a bit hoarse.
i think you sound a bit... sultry. like ella fitzgerald.
she's my favourite. smile again.
i know, you told me before.
a sigh. i have music class today and i have to sing for my professor and i'm actually a bit nervous because i'm still not adjusted to the day.
it'll get better.
i know. it always does. i just need time. if i had it my way, no one would talk before 9 or 10am. we'd all sit at a big table and drink orange juice and read the paper and notice the necessary air that we'd all be sharing, and when the clock struck we'd open our mouths, ready to face wallstreet and whatever else requires talking.
but until then?
i just sit here in my 'office' chair, listening to beethoven and ed sheeran--
we'll work on that, dear.
okay, good. a pause. voice better now?
a bit, yeah.
hey, it's 10am now.
really? i open my mouth, yawn. good morning, hi. it's nice to see you.

mixtape and things actually worth reading coming soon. i feel so unvarietable but it's inter-universal singles awareness day and i actually like someone and i'm listening to ed sheeran with butterflies (or stardust) in my stomach and it's late and rachel t's birthday and i just. i just... goodnight.
-kiss me like you wanna be loved-


  1. You took that picture? Oh that's right, you work for Pinterest now.. Ed Sheeran sounds like a good ending to this day. xoxo, and happy valentine's day!

  2. Wow, I have to say, that's pretty powerfully special right there, Jocee. And those butterflies/stardust specks, they're the best things ever. :)

  3. YOU TOOK THAT PHOTO. Omg. Not that I think you're incapable of such a photo, I'm just all WHAT THE HECK WHY YOU BE SO AWESOME AND STUFF.
    And then the whole conversation I just read. Holy macarole. I see why I love you so much.

  4. this is perfection im swooning... happy valentines day jocee!!

  5. Beautifully written Jocee...I love reading these posts, happy late Valentine's Day! :)

  6. gah. this. i can't even. my ability to even is scattered on the wind, you person, you.

  7. this is so perfect and beautiful.
    I actually spent my valentines day listening to ed sheeran and day dreaming, so this was just so beautiful to me

  8. everything you write is just. so good.

  9. writing is definitely your talent. ahem..one of your many talents. :)

  10. I really love these conversation-type posts you've been doing lately--I've been having the best time imagining the settings and scenarios. Also that photo is perfectionnnn.

    1. oh my gosh. really? wow. i just... i feel so subdued now. maybe it's lewis watson playing in the background or maybe it's the fact that i have the sniffles but these words make me feel so loved, carlotta. thank you. really. :)

  11. you're too amazing.
    i'm loving these posts. they're most likely my favorite-est ever.
    and that picture.
    ugh. that's just gah. makes me almost wish it were cold enough for hot chocolate.
    oh, and is this conversation with who i think it is?

    1. why thank you, doll.
      so basically (and i'm going to sound utterly creepy for saying this), we hang out on tuesdays. and inter-universal singles awareness day (or valentines') fell on a thursday, and for that day i wished so much that we could just talk and sit and take pictures and things like that. so the day before valentines', i dreamed that we did talk. that we got to school early, it was early morning, and i still hadn't quite woken up, you know? that's where this comes from.
      so, yeah. i'm not altogether strange, i just like him. ;)

  12. So I'm gushing over this pic+words and envying your awesomeness all at once. Just...ugh.

    *ahem* Like the others, I'm also loving this conversation technique of writing and the short and clear sentences. It leaves a lot to the imagination while still providing the idea of the story. I should try it out sometime.

  14. I guess you could say I'm procrastinating by reading this. :P I was typing my synesthesia paper and was all "I wonder if Jocee posted..."
    And my wish came true.

    I think this is really cool. Jocee, you've done it again. Your pictures. *headdesk*

    With love,

  15. This is simply beautiful. I love that your writing is so conversational. Like I can picture you and "this guy" and what you're saying to one another. And that it seems to be a lovely morning in reality.
    I love your posts like this!

    Love, love, love! <3

    *single awareness day is just a way of saying there is someone special waiting for you....


  16. Jocee!! Remember me? Yes yes yes, it's Destiny! Remember when you messaged me about how I should start up a blog again? Well, here I am! It's been a long time away from the blogging world and all my smarts on html codes and blog designing have completely disappeared to the point where I have no idea what I'm doing! Know anyone willing to design my blog very nicely, AND for free? That'd be great if you could! I hope to get most of my readers back and entertained. I'm so excited to be here again!

    much love,

  17. I really love these posts you've been doing as of late -- like, seriously. your super-amazing writing skills coupled with jocee-having-a-crush makes some sweet writing. ;)

  18. Mmm, I really want hot cocoa now. <3
    Um, excellent photo. Annnd I really like these posts. More, please?

  19. Beautiful photo, i absolutely love it.
    Absolutely love Ed Sheeran too, who doesnt? :)


sometimes i do not understand why you guys like me so much, but the fact that you do (and that you keep coming around) makes me happier than you can even imagine.

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